The Heroes Strike Back - July 2013

An original play by Sean, Derry, Amelia, Toby and Melody

Sean - Mr Moustache
Derry - Rapper Moustachio
Amelia - Ms Shaving Cream
Toby - Moustache Mania
Melody - Mr Shropsharp

Act One
The land of Moustacheville.

In a mansion owned by Mr.Moustache. Mr.Moustache and his friends, Mr.Shropsharp, Moustache Maniac  and Rapper Moustachio  discuss an upcoming announcement by Ms .Shaving Cream.

Ms.Shaving Cream is the master of Moustacheville.

Mr.Moustache (looking a bit worried) Did you hear, Mr.Shropsharp, about Mrs.Shaving Cream’s television appearance? I’m afraid she is going to make us shave our moustaches. Losing my moustache is my biggest fear!
Mr.Shropsharp I don’t want to have my moustache shaved off, Mr.Moustache. Mrs.Shaving Cream is evil, evil I tell you!

Moustache Maniac Me moustache maniac Ahhhhr. Me have a big moustache. Me not want to lose my moustache either.

Rapper Mustachio swaggers in.

Rapper Mustachio Aw man did you all hear about Ms.Shaving Cream’s announcement? I’m not losing my moustache! I say we fight her if she tries to make us shave our moustaches! Let’s get ready for a moustache war!

Mr.Shropsharp I agree!

Moustache Maniac Me agree!

Mr. Moustache I agree!  Turn on the television Moustache Maniac. It is almost time for the announcement.


Moustache Maniac (tries to turn on television)
Why big fat t.v. no turn on. (he smacks the television and it comes on. They turn to watch the television.) Whooya big fat t.v. turn on.

Act Two
Television station in Moustacheville.

Mrs. Shaving Cream. I want all of Moustacheville to have no moustaches because I can’t have one because I’m allergic. The first one will be Mr.Moustache because he has the best moustache. I’ll make them all shave their moustaches off. All of them! MWWWHAAAA! (she says to herself, then the television camera turns on). Good evening residents of Moustacheville.  I command all moustaches must be chopped off by the end of the day! There will be no exceptions! Those who do not comply will be punished. The first to lose his moustache will be Mr.Moustache. He has the biggest and the best moustache and I want to personally remove his moustache. I want him to meet me at the Moustacheville graveyard at sunset. If he does not turn up there will be terrible consequences for everyone! Mr.Moustache I will see you at sunset!

Mr. Moustache’s mansion.
Mr.Moustache Oh no What will I do? I don’t want to lose my moustache. It’s not my fault my moustache is the biggest and the best!

Mr.Shropsharp I don’t want to lose mine either. We need to do something. We need a plan.

Moustache Maniac Me agree we need a plan. Me think we need moustache guns.

Rapper Moustachio That’s a great idea. We can hide in the graveyard and when Mrs.Shaving Cream tries to remove Mr. Moustache’s moustache we can jump out and shoot her with the moustache guns. She’s allergic to moustaches and she will melt. BOOM! What do you think Mr.Moustache and Mr.Shropsharp?

Mr.Moustache I’m not sure…. I’m afraid! Mrs.Shaving Cream is very scary.

Act Three

Sunset at Moustacheville graveyard. Moustache Maniac and Rapper Moustachio hide behind a gravestone. While Mr.Moustache and Mr.Shropsharp wait nervously for Mrs.Shaving Cream.

Mr.Moustache I’m nervous what if something goes wrong.
Mr.Shropsharp Stop worrying. It will be fine. I see her coming with her minions, the creamies. Wait who or what else is with her? They look like zombies.

Mrs.Shaving Cream reaches them with her minions, the creamies. There are also members of Moustacheville who without their moustache’s have become zombies.

Mrs.Shaving Cream Hello Mr.Moustache. Are you ready to lose your moustache today? Do you know what happens when you lose your moustache? You become a zombie. MWHAHAHA! (she moves closer to tear off Mr.Moustache’s moustache.)

Mr.Shropsharp Now!

Rapper Mustachio jumps up but knocks over Moustache Maniac. They both fall over. Mrs.Shaving Cream rips off Mr.Moustache’s moustache and then rips off Mr.Shropsharp’s moustache. They turn into zombies.

Mrs.Shaving Cream MWHAHAHA. You’re my zombies now. I’m going to make you work for me.
Rapper Mustachio Mr.Shropsharp Do you have any better ideas? We have no choice.

Mr.Moustache Ok fine!

Rapper Moustachio We are going to save Moustacheville!

Act Three

Rapper Mustachio NOOOOOOOO!  (he jumps up and picks up moustache gun.)

Maniac Moustache Zombie without moustaches makes me angry! AHHHHH(He follows Rapper Moustachio.) O no there are so many zombies.

Mrs.Shaving Cream I’ve won!
Rapper Moustachio I don’t think so Mrs.Shaving Cream.
He pulls out gun and shoots moustaches at her.
Maniac Moustache shoots moustaches at the zombies who start to become normal again because they have their moustaches back. She starts to melt.

Mrs.Shaving Cream Help me! I’m melting! I promise I will be nice. I was just jealous of your moustaches.

Mr.Moustache Do you promise?

Mrs.Shaving Cream Yes!

Rapper Moustachio pulls out a can of shaving cream and sprays it on her. She starts to go back to her original shape.

Mrs.Shaving Cream Thank you! I’m sorry!

Mr.Shropsharp It’s okay. I’m glad we all can be friends!