Four Best Friends and One Evil Pig 2015


  • Bob the Dinosaur
  • Night’s Spy the Bat-Pig
  • Murphy the Pig-Robot
  • Jenny the Black Horse
  • Frog the Frog

By: Dinosaurs finding diamonds in space with flowers and butterflies

Leo, Bill, Harry, Jessica and Sadhbh.

Setting: In the park, sitting on the ground, eating a snack of chocolate bars

Bob: Hey

Night: Do you want to rove the world?

Bob: Yeah.

Night: Okay let’s go!

Bob: I’m gonna tell you a joke! What happened if a dinosaur lose his armor right in the middle of a pond?

Night: Do not know!

Bob: The volcano erupts and goes into the pond and killed the dinosaur.

Night: Hahahehe! But it’s a bit sad as well because the dinosaur died.

Jenny: I read on the newspaper that Evil Robot-Pig was in jail.

Murphy: I gave a sleeping potion to the guard and I took the key and escaped.

They go to find Frog.

Setting: Frog’s House


Frog: Aaah! Go away, I’m afraid of you because you’re big.

Jenny: Oh I’ve got a potion which makes people smaller!

Jenny gives the potion to Bob and he gets too small, small as a fly. So frog is not afraid of him anymore. Frog and Night Spy are going to turn Robot Pig good again.

Frog: You should have nice friends so you would be good.

Night: Yes, we are your friends.

Murphy: You’re right. I’ll be good new and I am happy.

All together: Let’s have a party!


The End