The Dramatic Chase in the Weird World, including time travel 2015

The Dramatic Chase in the Weird World, including time travel.


  • Tim the Dragon
  • Armichus the Goth
  • Allow the Alien
  • Clumsy
  • Jim-Jim the Alien

By: The Puppeteering Team

Leo, Lola, Zoe, Clodagh and Oscar

Clumsy time travles back to ancient Germany and tries to steal Armichus the Goth’s shoes. Clumsy wanted the shoes for his shoe basement. Clumsy escapes with one shoe.

Armichus ventures to a nearby volcanoe and meets Tim the Fragon and they decide to help each other.

Meanwhile in Space….
Allow’s planet gets destroyed by the Space Monster. Allow the Alien flies over to his friend Jim-Jim’s planet Pluto.

Jim-Jim: AAyo!

Allow: Nice to see you again. The Space Monster destroyed my planet!

Jim-Jim and Allow come up with a plan to fly to planet Earth.

Clumsy was still running with his stolen shoe when he saw a space ship land on planet Earth. Clumsy runs up to it.

Allow: What type of animal are you?

Jim-Jim: You’re freaky, what sort of alien are you?

Clumsy: I’m NOT an alien. I’m a human being who robs shoes. I robbed a shoe and I need help getting to my shoe dimension. If you help me I’ll show you my shoe collection.

Allow: What’s a shoe collection?

Jim-Jim: Don’t like shoes!

Clumsy: Ahem. You don’t like shoes? And you don’t know what a shoe collection is? I’ll show you the way.

Tim the Dragon and Armichus are flying across the city.

Armichus: I think we should follow the trail of people complaining about their stolen shoes

Tim:  MEH MEH (‘Okay’ in dragon language)

Eventually Tim the Dragon and Armichus find the shoe dimension.

Jim-Jim: Can we go? I’m getting bored.

Allow: Wait! You still have not told me what a shoe collection is Clumsy.

Clumsy: You should know already!

Tim and Armichus fly closer. Jim-Jim curls up and falls asleep. Allow and Clumsy spot the Dragon.

Allow and Clumsy: What’s that?

Armichus: (shouts) I’m here to get the shoes back!

Clumsy: But I don’t want to give the shoes back, anyway, they gave them to me….

Tim the Dragon is too fascinated by space and doesn’t notice the argument.

Allow: Give Clumsy the shoe!

Armichus: Not without the treasure!

Clumsy: What treasure?

Armichus: Look in the shoe!

Clumsy looks in the shoe and pulls out gold and emeralds. Jim-Jim wakes up.

Jim-Jim: I want to go home

Allow: I agree

Tim the Dragon: Look! There is a light in the sky!

Clumsy hands over the treausure to Armichus.

Jim-Jim, Allow and Clumsy sing a song to celebrate because they get to keep the shoe. Jim-Jim, Allow and Clumsy are best friends!

Armichus and Tim the Dragon fly back to Ancient Germany and stay friends. Armichus makes himself a new shoe and everybody is happy.

The End