The Day the Taytos Popped

By Sadie, Paddy, Oisín, Ben, Emily, & Crea
Group Name: Puppet’s Pringles

There once was a Pringle Monster named Pringy. His flavour was sour cream and onion.

He lived in an old, abandoned haunted house where crisps and biscuits were left.

Pringy’s greatest wish was to make friends with all the flavours of Pringles and to invite them to his can for a Halloween Party.

One day, Pringy was talking to his Oreo Dog. “Do you want to come to my Halloween Party?” asked Pringy.

“I would love to! Are there going to be chocolate biscuits?” asked Oreo Dog.

“Of course there will be chocolate biscuits!” said Pringy. “There will be five humongous buckets of biscuits.

Now all we have to do is invite all of the other Pringle flavours like Texas BBQ, Regular, and Salt and Vinegar!

Oh, and don’t forget about Cheese and Onion!” exclaimed Pringy.

Later on, Pringy and Oreo Dog worked hard on making the invitations for the party.

Now they had to send out the invitations. The two go down one shelf and come across Taytos – Pringy’s enemy crisps!

“AHH! It’s the Taytos! Run Away!” yelled Pringy.

“Let’s just send out online invitations” said Oreo Dog as they ran back up the shelf. Pringy had a different idea…

“How about we dress up as carrots to scare the Taytos away, and then we can tell all of the other flavours that we’re having a party?” Pringy suggested to Oreo Dog.

The two friends bought carrot costumes on eBay for one cent each.

Pringy and Oreo Dog snuck down to the next shelf and crept up behind the Taytos and shouted “Eat carrots! They’re healthy!”

The Taytos get so scared that they jump from the shelf and burst their packets. “I’m bursting!” cried the Taytos.

“I’m glad that was taken cared of.” Said Pringy. They ventured down the shelves and gave out the invitations to the other Pringles.

Later that week, on Halloween, Pringy threw a brilliant party in his Pringles can. They do the Pringle Dance and eat chocolate biscuits.

They all had a great time at Pringy’s Party, but just in case the Taytos came by, they put out their carrot costumes to scare them off.

The End.