A Crazy Adventure 2015


  • Lily the gymnast
  • Atticus the flying cat
  • Trashy the trash can
  • Donald the raindrop
  • Nana the banana giant

By: the Hummingdogtiles

Grace, Katie, Ciara, Maria and Lola

(Trashy the trash can is sitting by himself. Lily walks by.)

Lily: Atticus! Atticus! Woo-hoo! (whistles)

Atticus: (in the distance) Meow! Meow!

Lily: I’m looking for my cat, Atticus.

Trashy: Oh, hello! Are you looking for Atticus the cat?

Lily: Oh, I didn’t know you could talk!

Trashy: Well… she went that way, but I haven’t seen her since.

Lily: Ok, thanks!

Atticus: (comes into the scene) I’m going to go for a swim in the sea… which is a bit unusual for a cat!

Lily: Oh no! Cats can’t swim! I’m coming after you!

(Lily and Atticus swim but Lily is behind. They make swimming noises)

Lily: Help! I can’t go any further!

Donald: Hello, I’m a magical raindrop! My name is Donald. I can help you get out of the water.

Lily and Atticus: OK

Donald: I’m going to take you to Banana Island!

(They all make swimming sounds together until they arrive at the island. Nana appears.)


Lily: Who are you?!

Nana: I’m Nana the banana giant! Some day everything I touch will turn into bananas! Bwah-hahah!

(Trashy swims to the island.)

Trashy: Not so fast, missus!

Nana: I’ll let you go if you promise not to return and not to eat my bananas!

Trashy: You’ll never get a away with this! The falling paper will soon come. You won’t like it when it falls on your eyelids!

Donald: Only rain can fall from the sky!

Trashy: But it’s my dream….! Please…!

Nana: GO! THE LOT OF YOU! You’re just embarrassing.

Trashy: I’ll eat your banana peels!

Nana: Nooo…!!!

Trashy: Never!!

Atticus: Don’t worry Lily! I can fly. I’m going to fly up and watch over the island for you. (Flies up) Oh no! There’s an army coming!

Nana: Attack them banana army!

Donald: I’m going to fly up and ask all my friends to make a storm and stop them.

Nana: Ahh! Horrible rain! My beloved bananas! We’re all melting! (Faints to the ground.)

Donald: My friends and I will make a big wave to carry you home.

All: Hooray!!!