A Bit Mad


NARRATOR: The year is 2099. Kids rule the country. All the adults have been put in cages.

OLIVIA: Hi my name is Olivia. Welcome to this horrible future where children rule Dublin. Let me introduce you to my wicked neighbours and if you don’t believe they are wicked, here is the proof… (Olivia exits the stage. 3 children and a piglet enter)

GEMMA: Hurry up guys, or we’ll be late to cast our votes! 

MILO: Who are you gonna vote for? I’m voting for the squishy marshmallow from hell or maybe I’ll vote for the kid down the road who likes Lego.  

MICHAEL: I’m definitely voting for the squishy marshmallow. Besides he loves lego.  

GEMMA: Really!? I have no idea who I’m going to vote for. 

OINK: You should vote for the pig in the back yard. Oink

MICHAEL: Come on anyway let’s hop in the car. 

GEMMA: No guys why don’t we take my Jelly-Jet? 

OINK: Come on guys — it’s just down the floating road. Why don’t I drive? Oink

(They all nod in agreement)


(The kids and piglet walk towards the car. Suddenly Olivia appears.) 

MILO: Oh look there’s that weird old lady who lives next door. She’s not allowed to vote. 

MICHAEL: Why haven’t they put in her a cage like all the other adults?

(Suddenly the kids and the piglet spot some sweets on Olivia’s doorstep. They run towards the sweets and a net falls on top of them. The children are trapped!)

OLIVIA: (cackles) ha ha ha. I knew you annoying kids would fall for my trap. 

(Olivia carries them off in the net to her basement/lab where she happens to have a time machine)

OLIVIA: Let me take you to 2016 and show how much better things were when adults were in charge.


OLIVIA: Look no talking pigs. (OINK gasps). And no flying roads. And kids can’t drive cars. 

GEMMA: What’s that?! Did you put your children in jail. 

OLIVIA: No that’s a school. They helped children to learn.

MILO: What’s that? Why are there adults on the street? Why aren’t they in cages?

MICHAEL: And what are they eating? Why are they small trees? Why aren’t they eating sweets. 

OLIVIA: That’s broccoli

OINK: UUggghh - I’ve heard about that. Oink.

MICHAEL: [Looking at spire] How did people get to the top of the spire. There’s no stairs.

OLIVIA: You will be adults soon? How will you feel when all the kids put you in cages?

GEMMA: How dare you! We’re never going to grow up. 

OLIVIA: Let me to take you 2115. {time travel sound} [Gemma, Oink, Michael, and Milo are all in cages along with all their friends]

MILO: Oh my god we are all in cages. (goes for closer look). Yeah it is me.

GEMMA: There’s my birthmark. It is me!


(Children and pig huddle together. They emerge from huddle)

MICHAEL: I think you’re right. Maybe we should go back to the present and treat adults better. 

(They all go back to the year 2099 and free all the grown ups and figure out a way they can all get along together. The schools are reopened. The adults are able to drive again. Children and adults are both able to vote. They all lived happily ever after.)