The Battle for the Cookie

By The Titanium Lions (Maeve, Darcy, Ultan, Éamonn, and Moya)
Group Name: The Titanium Lions 2018

once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away…far beyond Planet Earth…far beyond Saturn and Mars…and far beyond the stars…

There was a moon, which was half made of chocolate, and half made of cookies. There was a cow from the milkyway, who jumped over this moon.

On the cookie side of the moon, there lived a fierce bully of an Alien Monster, and he was made of cookie.

And on the other side of the moon, on the chocolate side, there lived a chip, named Chippy, who (although he doesn’t speak it in this part of the story) speaks Japanese!

He lived there with his two best friends, the Uni-sisters. One of the sisters was a Uni-alien named Maria, and the other was a Uni-Kitten, with no name at all.

They were very happy on their side, the chocolate side, of the moon, except that the one thing that Chippy wanted more than anything else, was to taste a cookie.

He asked his two friends for help.

How can we get some cookies from  the other side of the moon, when the Cookie Monster is such a bully?” he asked them.

They talked about it to each other for a while (in Uni-alien sister’s secret language), and came up with an idea.

“Let’s go to the underground cave of the mighty Cyber Sausage and ask him for help,” they suggested.

And off the three friends went. When they got to the cave of the Cyber Sausage, they found he was happy to help, and he had recorded in his data store all the movements and actions of the Cookie Monster, so he knew exactly where to direct them.

Off they went together, the Cyber Sausage keeping watch with his two rotating eyes, until they came upon him sleeping in a bed made of cookies.

“ROOOOOARRR!” he cried when he heard them hovering over his bed.

“COOOKIES!” the three friends and the Cyber Sausage cried.

And a Great Battle took place….things flew in the air…the monster roooooared…Chippy and the Uni-Sisters shrieked…the Cyber Sausage went beep beep beep…until finally, the big, mean Cookie Monster, gave in and let them…eat HIM!!!

(But it was okay, because the cookie side of the moon just grew itself another Cookie Monster)…