Angry Apple’s End

By Kerry, Tom, Sylvie, Tuathla, and Donnchadh
​Group Name: Team 50

“Heeya!” shouted everyone, jumping in the air and breaking boards with their feet. All except for Angry Apple, who was just complaining as usual.

The Angry Apple was the angriest apple in the universe. He had 2 eyes and a mouth bitten into him and fell into a magic portal in the sea.

He landed on the ninja school and was stuck there. Everyone always ignored him and they ignored him this time too, but it was the final straw. He got so angry he shot up into the air and smashed the board into a million pieces.

Uni the sea-unicorn, was pierced by one of the splinters. Uni knew Angry from the old days, as Angry Apple had pulled her into the portal, trying to save himself.

“Ouch!” screamed Uni, when she was splintered. Uni had been spying on Angry Apple to get revenge and sue him, but now her cover was blown. All of a sudden Timmy, the Ninja Octopus Master and King of the Dojo back flipped his way over to the two of them.

“Heeya!” What’s going on here!” said Timmy.

“I want to sue Angry Apple for 2 billion shells for pulling me into the sea and I want a million pearls for getting splintered” said Uni.

“Ahhhh!! Nooo!!” screamed Angry Apple and didn’t stop screaming until they knocked him out.

Three days later, Angry Apple woke up at court. As he came around, he began screaming so loudly, he broke all the windows in the court room and some random houses too.

“Heeya! If you don’t stop screaming, I’m going to have to gag you for the rest of you life,” whispered Timmy the Octopus into his leaf ears. Angry Apple didn’t stop screaming, but he did lower his scream to a whisper scream.

“Heeya! If you don’t stop, I’m going to eat you!” muttered Timmy in his ear. Angry Apple shut his mouth and began shivering.

“Order in the space court!” Jerry the astronaut judge ordered. “Let’s get this over with. I want to get back to my space ship!”

“What’s a space ship?” Uni asked Jerry.

“What’s wrong with you? You should know!” he replied.

“Why would I know? I’ve never been to space!” said Uni.

Jerry scoffed. “You must have bumped your head pretty hard,” he said.

“Heeya! We’re not in space you buffoon!” said Timmy.

“You’re all buffoons. Let’s just get on with this” said Jerry, thinking they were all nut jobs.

Suddenly, Pizza Pig burst in, eating a pizza, obviously! He explained everything about Jerry, his best friend. One day, Jerry was flying through space when he crashed into a portal to the sea, but bumped his head pretty hard and still thought he was in space.

Uni gasped when she heard this, but Timmy scoffed and Angry Apple started screaming again. Timmy the Octopus took one look at Angry Apple and swallowed him in one gulp. Uni the sea unicorn began to get angry, but they told her she could have the keys to Angry Apples bank accounts. Jerry ran out of the courtroom screaming “Yay! I get to go home now!” But then, he came running back in, sobbing about his space ship which was broken.

Uni, after looking in the bank accounts and finding she had double what she wanted, offered to fund Jerry’s spaceship repairs. Jerry’s ship was repaired in record time and he flew back to space. They all lived happily ever after, except for Angry Apple, who could still be screaming inside Timmy the Octopus.