NARRATOR: Welcome to Dublin, one thousand years in the future! The year is 3016 and the city has been renamed Dubh Linn to get back to it’s origins.  In a lab in Temple Bar Mr. M is attempting to create a dinosuaur.

MR. M:  (muttering to himself) I need more water, I need feathers, and I need a pig, some scales, and a screwdriver.  Oh dear! The fire is too high, I gotta be careful, the pig could become pork chops!!!

(Enter Cat Noir)

CN:  I know where he is!

MR. M:  Don’t disturb me!  I’m working!  

CN: (sighing) But it’s important!!!

MR. M:  Oh no, I’ve added too many feathered piglets into the mix!  What am I creating!

NARRATOR: The mixture started to boil and turned the colour of red instead of green. Blood red! A small, winged dinosaur with a beak came out of the mix.  His head appeared out of the cauldron.

Mr. M: “Bring me Mr. TF”!!!

NARRATOR: Baga just ignored him and pecked the ground.

CN: Oh that stupid thing-a-mo-bobbie can’t do it.  I can.  I always land on my feet.

Mr. M:  Fine, do it!  Just go now!  What do I do with this vermin?

Scene 2

NARRATOR:  On the top floor of Spire Tower, Mr. TF was knitting while studying science for his exam. Peggy the ghost was watching out the window.

PEGGY: Woo…wooooo ….I can see Cat Noir out the window, she’s coming…

MR. M: Ah she’s probably doing her shopping in Dubh Linn town. She always loved Easons.

PEGGY:  I’m not sure… (Suspiciously)

NARRATOR:  When they looked out the window, she was gone.

MR. TF: I wonder where she is?

(Cat Noir appears behind them through the wall)

CAT NOIR:  I’m here!

NARRATOR:  Mr. TF spins around but Cat Noir grabbed him and threw him into the hamster cage that she brought with her. He started to shiver uncontrollably – his greatest fear was being trapped in a hamster cage.

PEGGY:  Don’t worry.  I’ll get you out!

CAT NOIR:  Who said that?  Never mind, it must be just my imagination.  Mr. M is going to be so pleased!

NARRATOR:  Cat Noir brings them quickly to Mr. M lab and Peggy follows behind unseen.  Back at Mr. M’s lab…

MR. M: Holy Cheese and Sprinkles, about time Cat Noir!

CAT NOIR: Hmmm…What? 

MR. M:  Go feed that creature and make it quick.  You don’t want it to nip you.

NARRATOR:  Cat Noir went to feed the creature but he wasn’t there.  They ran out of the room looking for him

(Peggy and Baga came out of their hiding place)

PEGGY:  Put your beak in that lock and open it? Please?

BAGA: I’m not very good at picking locks, but I’ll try it anyway. It worked!  The locked clicked!

NARRATOR: Baga pulls the cage door open with his beak, and Mr. TF scampered out.

MR. TF:  Thank you so much.

NARRATOR:  Mr. TF started looking around the lab found the red bubbly potion that Baga was formed out of.

PEGGY: We’ve got to get out of here!

BAGA:  Where is the exit again?

MR. TF:  There is only one, we’ll have to go past Mr. M to get out!

NARRATOR:  Mr TF had an idea.  He started searching the lab frantically!

BAGA: What on earth is he doing?

PEGGY:  I don’t know but we’ve got to get out of here.

MR. TF: Wait one second I’m nearly finished! Finished!

​BAGA:  Mr. M and Cat Noir are coming back!

NARRATOR: Mr. TF ate the choc that he made.  They watched in amazement as his fur began to grow. Cat Noir and Mr. M ran back into the room

MR. M: What is this beast?  Let him fight me!

NARRATOR:  They fight.  Mr. TF’s fur is so tickly that when they fight, Mr. M collapses in a heap of laughter. Cat Noir watches in horror. 

CAT NOIR: You never treated me like the royalty that I am.  I’m going to go find a better boyfriend.

NARRATOR:  With CN gone and Mr. M paralyzed with laughter. Mr TF, Baga and Peggy left the lab.  As they left the red bubbly potion exploded and blew up the whole lab.  Mr TF went on to become a great hamster scientist.  Baga went on to become a News Reporter.  Peggy became a historical writer.  Because Mr. TF’s fur stayed on Mr. M, when was in court he so hard that he was given a long time in prison. After a period of jail for her crimes, Cat Noir found a new boyfriend that treated her like royalty.