Playwriting & Puppetry

The Battle for the Cookie

By The Titanium Lions (Maeve, Darcy, Ultan, Éamonn, and Moya)
Group Name: The Titanium Lions 2018

once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away…far beyond Planet Earth…far beyond Saturn and Mars…and far beyond the stars…

There was a moon, which was half made of chocolate, and half made of cookies. There was a cow from the milkyway, who jumped over this moon.

On the cookie side of the moon, there lived a fierce bully of an Alien Monster, and he was made of cookie.

Angry Apple’s End

By Kerry, Tom, Sylvie, Tuathla, and Donnchadh
​Group Name: Team 50

“Heeya!” shouted everyone, jumping in the air and breaking boards with their feet. All except for Angry Apple, who was just complaining as usual. 

The Angry Apple was the angriest apple in the universe. He had 2 eyes and a mouth bitten into him and fell into a magic portal in the sea. 

He landed on the ninja school and was stuck there. Everyone always ignored him and they ignored him this time too, but it was the final straw.

The Day the Taytos Popped

By Sadie, Paddy, Oisín, Ben, Emily, & Crea
Group Name: Puppet’s Pringles 2018

There once was a Pringle Monster named Pringy. His flavour was sour cream and onion. 

He lived in an old, abandoned haunted house where crisps and biscuits were left. 

Pringy’s greatest wish was to make friends with all the flavours of Pringles and to invite them to his can for a Halloween Party.

The Two Friends and the Magic Gem

By Annabel, Diarmuid, Orlaith, and Ruth
Group Name: Bubblegum Pigs 2018

Once upon a time there was a flamingo called Susie and a talking spoon called Trevor. One day they found a sugar paper map in the back of their textbooks in culinary school. 

It had loads of riddles. They figured them all out to find the magical ice cream forest they were looking for.

“Oh my god, I’m having a sugar rush” said Susie, while eating everything in sight.

The Anything Everything Castle

By Kaifina, Isabelle, Max, Sadhbh, and Archie
Group Name: Artistic Creative Kids 2018

In a land not so far away there was an Alien and a Flying Pig. The castle had the ability to shapeshift, go under water, and turn into candy. 

The castle could do everything in the universe. There was a talking monkey that could fly. There was a knight named Dave afraid of fighting and a lazy king. 

The castle was made of candy. The lazy king ate the candy walls but they grew back.


By Alex, Henry, Molly, Orla, and Steven (2017)

Question Mark (QM)

Space Shape

By Evie, Lola, Jemma, Amelie, Mira (2017)

Fluffy Boots
Fluffy Boots Jr.


By Alex, Dylan, Anouk, Maya, and Nina (2017)

Biscuit Man, the narrator
Myoxn, the protagonist
Jo King, the best friend and annoying comic relief
Monk the Third
Good Angel

The Macaroni Adventures

By Orlaith, Lola, Nathy, Mikey and Juliette (2017)

​James Macaroni
Bang Bang Banana
The Wicked Witch of the Galaxy
The Bloodthirsty Giant