Playwriting & Puppetry

Circus Runaway

By The Shadow Puppeteers (2019)

Once upon a time, there was a Rabbit named Charity that lives on a HUGE pineapple. One thing Charity likes tom do is walk on her carrot sticks around the pineapple village. 

One day the pineapple village collapsed because the President fell over, then everyone became stranded on a beach. 

They had a lot of adventures which involves a lot of building and swimming.

The Square-Based Adventure

By The Angry Oranges (2019)

Once upon a time there lived an unsolved rubik’s cube called Conor. Conor was walking down the street with his best friend Queen Cobra (who was a king cobra).

They were going home to the castle where they both lived with their owner Charlie. Conor the rubik’s cube was sad as always as another day had passed and his own Charlie had still not solved him. Charlie tried every day to solve him but he kept up mixing up more of the colours. After a couple of days, Conor thought that he would never be solved! It had been a millennium since anyone had solved a rubix cube on earth. Conor’s owner Charlie was the last person on earth to keep trying to solve the rubix cube.

Carrots & The Titanic

By Haven (2019) 

One day carrots the cat was practicing flying in his back garden.

During his practice Carrots ended up flying into a portal.

He spent 19 weeks travelling through the portal and when he stopped travelling he found himself on the Titanic. 

He was tired from his time travel so he went into a cabin to have a rest. In the cabin he saw a pencil looking down from the top bunk. 

No and Butter Bot

By Sam (2019)

Butter Bot was with the chicken called No. Butter Bot asked No, ‘Are you on my head?’ No said, ‘No.’ But No was actually on Butter Bot’s head. No grabbed Butter Bot’s hair with his feet. No started flying with Butter Bot. Butter Bot asked No, ‘Are we going to the moon?’ ‘No’ said No. Then No landed on the moon. No says, ‘Let’s go for a walk. There is a lovely Earth out today.’ Then the moon starts to talk. The moon says, ‘I agree.’ The moon says, ‘Look at Australia, Want to go there?’ Butter Bot says, ‘ok.’ Then the moon crashed in to Australia. They land in the tree. They sleep because they are tired. Then the moon flings himself back in to orbit. Butter Bot and No stay in Australia.

The Invasion of the Flying Sharks!!!

By Dogs4Days (2019)

One day a little boy named Jojo was walking near the pond when he saw a talking frog. The frog said, ‘Hello Jojo. I am an alien frog and I’ve been watching you- do you want to go to mars with me?’ Jojo jumped back in fear and said, ‘How do you know my name and why do you want to take me to mars?’

‘I need your help to defeat the flying sharks, they’re taking over my home planet’ said the frog, jumping out of the water. ‘Tell me your name, Frog!’ said Jojo. ‘My name is Freddie the alien frog- I need you to help me build a ship to get back to mars.’ Said Freddie 

The Five Fat Chickens’ House

By Five Fat Irish Dancing Rocking Chickens (2019)

Once upon a time there were five Irish dancing chickens called Billy, John, Buggle, Luke and Toni. There were performing in a broken-down house when an Estate Agent called Ms Fudge called in.

‘I’m going to go into this house and explore’ said Ms Fudge. She explored the bathroom, all of the flooded rooms, the upstairs rooms and the basement.

‘I’m going to see if this house is worth selling,’ she said, but while examining the walls she spotted a hold in the skirting board. Ms Fudge shrank down very small and fell into the mouse hole. In there was a massive mouse. 

The Battle for the Cookie

By The Titanium Lions (Maeve, Darcy, Ultan, Éamonn, and Moya)
Group Name: The Titanium Lions 2018

once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away…far beyond Planet Earth…far beyond Saturn and Mars…and far beyond the stars…

There was a moon, which was half made of chocolate, and half made of cookies. There was a cow from the milkyway, who jumped over this moon.

On the cookie side of the moon, there lived a fierce bully of an Alien Monster, and he was made of cookie.

Angry Apple’s End

By Kerry, Tom, Sylvie, Tuathla, and Donnchadh
​Group Name: Team 50

“Heeya!” shouted everyone, jumping in the air and breaking boards with their feet. All except for Angry Apple, who was just complaining as usual. 

The Angry Apple was the angriest apple in the universe. He had 2 eyes and a mouth bitten into him and fell into a magic portal in the sea. 

He landed on the ninja school and was stuck there. Everyone always ignored him and they ignored him this time too, but it was the final straw.

The Day the Taytos Popped

By Sadie, Paddy, Oisín, Ben, Emily, & Crea
Group Name: Puppet’s Pringles 2018

There once was a Pringle Monster named Pringy. His flavour was sour cream and onion. 

He lived in an old, abandoned haunted house where crisps and biscuits were left. 

Pringy’s greatest wish was to make friends with all the flavours of Pringles and to invite them to his can for a Halloween Party.

The Two Friends and the Magic Gem

By Annabel, Diarmuid, Orlaith, and Ruth
Group Name: Bubblegum Pigs 2018

Once upon a time there was a flamingo called Susie and a talking spoon called Trevor. One day they found a sugar paper map in the back of their textbooks in culinary school. 

It had loads of riddles. They figured them all out to find the magical ice cream forest they were looking for.

“Oh my god, I’m having a sugar rush” said Susie, while eating everything in sight.