The Zoo

By The Frozen Bubble Bears A.K.A: Anna, Eva, Neil, Oscar and Sophie.

It was dull day at the ‘Happy, Happy’ Zoo. When we say ‘Happy, Happy’ we mean ‘Naughty, Naughty’ Zoo!

The animals felt absolutely miserable, but they were used to that. The animals were teased, whipped and starved. They felt tortured. Some of the animals had even died and the zookeepers didn’t care.

The orang-utan called Elvis came up with a plan to escape with Pauric the penguin. 

The Lost Jelly Beans

By The Word Warriors A.K.A: Nate, Siún, Rhys, Sophie and Evie​

Once upon a time, up in the clouds above Spain there was a bull called Bob, he was the king of Jelly beans.

Mr. B.B.J and Mrs. Bella Bunny are the bull king’s best friends. The king of Jelly Beans had a Jelly Bean anyway.

One day, disaster struck- Godgogapubla appeared. He had a big shrivelly body, stumpy small hands and he carried a guitar sword that could teleport him anywhere. 

The Droxicorns

By Droxycorns AKA Grace, Kate, Aoise, Tadhg and Antoine

Once deep in the sea, there was a sea jungle. In this underwater jungle, there lived droxicorns.

A droxicorn is a mystical creature with a unicorn horn, the body of a fox and the wings of a dragon. Then there is the other species. 

This species has the body and wings of a dragon, the tail of a fox and the horn of a unicorn.

Lost in Space

By The Smartie Pants A.K.A: Ethan, Orla, Chloe, Peggy Rose and Jackson

Once upon a time there was a Sloth called Sarah and her best friend’s name was Grizzly. They had been living on the moon for ten years and living off cheese. Eddie the Alien sent the two friends to space and they hadn’t found a way out yet.

When they got there they tried to escape! 

Susie's Adventure in Candyland

By The CALMAMMS​ (A.K.A: Maisie, Ava, Sarah, Maggie and Anna)

“Ewww!!” Susie shrieked, “I don’t wanna eat that!”.

She threw the candyfloss onto the sherbert ground. “I don’t want to eat sweets, I like vegetables. Susie was the only girl in Candy-Land who wanted to be healthy.

Everyone in Candy-Land had rotten teeth, and were really hyper, except for  Susie’s best friend, James Jim Jefferson.

Toilet Times

By Darcy, Declan, Maria, Paddy and Ruth

Once upon a time there was a toilet named Tommy. Tommy had a huge problem he needed to solve. 

He would never achieve his greatest dream if he could not flush. Tommy decided to ring his friend Plungy the plunger for help.

“I have a huge problem. A little boy dropped his Mcdonald’s burger in my mouth. How am I supposed to flush?” asked Tommy.


By Callum, Leo, Nessa, Orla and Steph

The odacova woke to the smell of ginger bread. “Where am I,” he wondered, following his trunk. He arrived at the sugar-coated house where he met a brother and sister.

“Hello, nice to meet you.”

The siblings took one look at the odacova and screamed the loudest scream a human could and ran as fast as their legs could carry them.

The Case of the Missing Twins

By Alena, Anthony, Isabelle, Mark and Nia

Casebook of Lilly Jones, Sussex, 11 December, 1905

We were eating dinner at the Eagle Bistro with our friends, David and Daisy (the twins) for Charley’s birthday. 

The twins were eating peppers and potatoes with steak on the side. The waiter, Fernando, was my parent’s friend. He was looking strangely at the twins.

Flying Pigs

By Alex, Gillian, Lara, Nia and Max

Once there was an evil enchantress who wanted to fly, so she made magical chocolate marshmallows that could make anyone fly. 

One day, the evil enchantress ate a chocolate marshmallow and dove off the balcony of her secret lair. 

She started to fall, not fly! Down, down, down she fell until at the last minute she flew off at speed.

Halia’s Great Adventures

By Orla, Leona, Clodagh, Rachel and Poppy

One morning Emma was getting dressed into her uniform. Emma was pretending to feed her doll Halia. 

When Emma had to go, her mum put Halia back in her bedroom. Halia’s friend GG came over to the bed from the dollhouse.

Halia was very upset because she didn’t have a pet and wanted a friend. Suddenly, sparkles fell from the sky and a dog and a dolphin appeared.