Novel Writing

Dara O'Donnell

By Dara O'Donnell 2018

339 miles away, in Istanbul, nearly a thousand sick soldiers lie dying in their hospital beds. Cholera, Typhoid, Dysentery and Tetanus afflict them. They live in constant agony, vomiting, guttering, pain filling every inch of their body. Feces is splattered across the unwashed floors, already flooded with sewagery and the corpses of their fallen brethren.

Even among these piles of dead men, some soldiers are still alive, forgotten by a hospital too packed to provide them hospital beds.

Daniel Keating

By Daniel Keating 2018

Derek was in Dean’s room. He was playing Tekken 7. He loved all the fighting games. It was a Sunday afternoon. Derek was playing all the games he could before school the next day.

“How are you so good at this?” Derek asked Dean.

“Practice man.” He replied.

Conor Fahy

By Conor Fahy 2018

August 12

The night was dark. Shadows loomed over the street. The air was still. All sound was dim, all sites were a blur. Faintly, the light of the house appears to become bigger and brighter. Back on the shadow of the figure was about to go past this light. Out of the black was a dark figure which emerged from the shadow of a tree.

Cillian Farrell

By Cillian Farrell 2018

Well fuck. It was Sunday night! Or was it? Nah, I’m pretty sure it was. She was pronounced dead. I think she died on Saturday but it might have been Sunday. 

Two gunshots to the body and one to the leg. Lebanon. Who on earth goes to Lebanon? I don’t think Dad knew what to do. He felt guilty. You could see it. 

How did he get away? 20 years married. Go on holidays. Enjoy some alone time. But no. What was meant to be celebration turned into tragedy. Why? Just why?

Ava Flynn

By Ava Flynn 2018

I was born different. Special. And no, I don’t mean the “My mom says I’m unique” special.

I mean the “if certain people found out about this, I could be locked up” special. How so? Well, it’s a little hard to explain…

I was born with this power, my people say the moon blessed me with it. I say “yes, but it also cursed me with it”.