Steven O’Leary

Extract of “Life of me” By Steven O’Leary 2018

This is the story of my life and like any other it is one of ups and downs. It was 1939 February. I lived near the east coast of America. (Arguably not the best place to live at the time)My father worked in town in the car factory (he was the manager) and my mother looked after me, my sister Sarah and Porkchops our playful, soft, lovable, beady eyed, soul calming golden retriever.

In summer time we would go fishing and visit grandma on the farm and Porkchops always gets excited when he finds out about it. For example it was a bright and sunny day when I awoke to the exited and energetic barks and howls of my faithful K9 friend. I went downstairs to see why he was causing such a commotion and to my surprise I was treated to a freshly born baby calf sleeping in the comfort of its mothers protection “when did this happen boy?” I asked.

In return all I got was a happy wag of a tail and a lick to the face. ”Good morning Patrick OH MY GOD SPOTELLA GAVE BIRTH!!!” exclaimed my father.

To celebrate the newest edition to the farming family grandma baked us a delectable apple by “with ingredience fresh from the orchard” as grandma would put it in her best commercial voice.

The next morning we said our goodbyes and had much anticipation for our next visit in the following year.

This continued until December just before Christmas on one terrible evening when our dad got a letter from a military messenger that his factory was commandeered by the army so they could build a new barracks earlier on that day.

When we found out it was like a demon had come down and snatched away our voices. Our father quietly told us to go to our room. There was no delay with me and my sister leaving. When we got up me and Sarah tried to figure out what would happen now that no money was coming into the house. Not too much later we overheard our parents arguing about grown up stuff. Dad’s voice was like living beside a hurricane. The only way either one of us was going to get to sleep was with our cuddly mascot Porkchops.

Some weeks later mom found a job as bar maid on the other side of the estate and found a house we could live in. Life was tuff but we were tougher but even then tears still flowed when our dad left for the army to help in the war and with our bills that same year.