Sean Maye

By Sean Maye 2018

“It was love at first sight,” said George, grinning at his son while patting the old Mercedes roof. His son rolled his eyes. The fourteen-year-old had no interest in cars, but his father loved them and he had to listen to him if he wanted to get back to his game. His father continued, “When I saw her, I just knew this beauty would be part of somethin’ special.”

“Wish you had thought the same about your marriage.”

“Alright son, wanna take her for a spin?”

No he didn’t. “Sure, dad.” Jason replied solemnly. His dad grinned at him, showing off his pristine white teeth. His brown hair was combed neatly back, his face clean of blemishes, his grey suit and blue tie pressed and perfect. He opened the door and stepped neatly into the car, pulling on his seatbelt. Jason sat in the passenger’s seat. Aside from the bright blue eyes, there was no way to tell that this was father and son. Jason had longer blonde hair and his features differed from his father’s. In addition to his baggy trousers and stained t-shirt, they looked like two strangers.

They pulled out of the garage, driving down and out of the gates, leaving the large two story house behind. They drove down through the neighborhood. Twilight was fading as they left the immaculate while houses of the wealthy lawyers and solicitors behind, his dad swiping the card to open the large gate that was the only way out of their little neighborhood. Jason had always wondered why that was. His dad said it was for security, and while that made sense, something about the imposing black fence running around the neighborhood sent warning bells off in Jason’s head. As they drove, his dad rambled on about the car and work. Jason didn’t listen. He thought about his mother. He hadn’t heard from her in two weeks, which was unlike her; she always called every Tuesday and Saturday. She always asked him about everything; schools, friends, etc. He was still worrying when the car stopped.

He was jolted out of his reverie, he saw his dad had parked them on a small overlook where they could see their neighborhood. He glanced at his dad, and what he saw made him shudder. Gone was the jovial grin, replaced by a strong, pale face devoid of emotion.

“You know that I loved her…” he said softly.

“What?” Jason squeaked, his voice breaking. His father remained silent, starring out at the view before them. “I’m…going to take a walk,” Jason said, hurling himself out the door. He didn’t know why it scared him, but it did. He ran through the brush, stopping and placing his hands on his knees. He felt sick.

“Why are you running, my son?” Jason turned, and stared in horror at his father, his grey suit looking silver in the moonlight. In his hand, there was a long shining object. The knife was curved, it was embroidered in gold, with a solid leather grip. Jason didn’t take this in though as he sprinted forward, shoving past his dad. The car was behind him, and he had been learning to drive for a while now. He screamed in pain as he felt the knife slash on his back, cutting though his shirt. He stumbled but kept running, ignoring the burning pain in his back. He climbed the ridge and quickly ran, trying to open the car door. It wasn’t locked, thank god.

He hopped in, grabbing the key that was still in the ignition. He reversed and as he was doing that, dared to glance forward. There, his father stood, his silver suit stained with his son’s blood. His had clutched something; he caught a glimpse of a gold cross. His knife lay on the ground, stained red as he reached into his jacket pocket. Time seemed to slow as he stared at his father who drew out a silver 9mm, his left hand still clutching the cross. This was a man he knew he was related to, but he absolutely knew nothing about him.

Drive! Jason’s brain screamed. But, it was as if time really was slowed. He could almost hear the words “I’m sorry, son” before there was a loud bang, a flash, and then darkness.