Joke Writing

A ___ walks into a ___.

A _____ walks into a ____.  The manager says;  “We don’t serve ____.” The _____ says _____. 

A baby walks into a Burger King. 
The manager says; “We don’t serve babies.” 
The baby says “I’m telling my mammy.”

Make a joke starting with a question...

How, what, why, when, where?

Hilarious Alpacas: Olympics
Why didn’t the record go to the Olympics? Because the record was broken.
Why did the ball run away? Because the racket was beating him up.
Why did the football player run away from the match? Because he wanted to goal home.

Favourite Jokes


  • What reindeer went to space? Comet 
  • Why did the tennis ball cross the table? Because he was serving dinner
  • What part of an astronaut family is in space? The sun