Fiction Writing


By Niamh Lehane 2015
It’s such a different world. Just two steps, that’s all it takes to travel from one life to another the man leans over the balcony resting his elbows on the railing.

The sound of me argument still going on behind him him but slightly muted through the curtain.

Looking down to me street, people and cars pass by. 

Kara Lord Bissett 2015

Solomon leans over the railing, the sounds of his sister Melia throwing up in the other room a constant as he tries to focus on somthing else. The street below him is full of people moving slowly towards something, void of verve or energy.

He wouldn’t blame them. The sounds like that of his sister inside are not uncommon now and they are not pretty. His thought flit back to something else. Another girl entirely, not Melia at all. He sinks down on to the balcony and puts his head in his hands, trying desperately to be rid of his terrible thoughts and their terrible ends.

City Life

By Finn Keating McMahon 2015
In the ever vast countryside you find the most remote of urban areas, yet it is within the boundaries of the city you find the most lonely of souls. Max Preston is one of these souls and his degree in philosophy although some would suggest otherwise, doesn’t help.

On the 17th of July 2014, he went for a job interview for a local dvd store, because, as you know, philosophy comes in handy in dvd stores. 

The Bad Joke

By Enoh 2015
The three cops sit in their car: Larry Larklen in the driver’s seat, Bill Jefferson in the first passenger seat and Carl O’Darlson in the second. 

As they make their slow way down the motorway, Bill opens his bag. 

“Whatcha doing there, Bill?” Carl says as he opens his coffee cup.

Flash Fiction

By David Colllins 2015
The church stood starkly, overcast by taller buildings casting their shadow over it. A police car was parked nearby just out of sight. There were three policemen inside.
“So this is a stake out?”

By David Browne 2015

The lobby smelled of lavenderand intrigue. The decorations had been laid out with mechanical precision and even the banner had an aura of soulless formality.

The bride strode purposefully towards the reception desk.

Do You?

By Ciara Hanley 2015

“Are you sure this is what you definitely want, Kim? Because if it’s not, I can just go inside and call it off…”

“Dad, trust me, I know what I’m doing. He’s…the one.” I place my sallow skinned hand on my father’s pale, shaking one. 

Looking into his eyes, I can see almost perfectly see how he’s feeling. 


By Brian Burke 2015
George was scared. Earlier him and his best friends Luke and Chris had decided to go into old Jen’s house. 

It was a local legend, supposedly haunted by Jennifer Martin. She’d gone mad one night and murdered her whole family.

Luke had thought that the tenth anniversary would be a good time to visit. 

The World’s Hottest Firemen

By Brian Bourke 2015
Paddy Englishman, Paddy Scotsman and Paddy Irishman had all made the cover of the New York Times.

They ran a small firefighters group together. 

In California an earthquake had caused a hole to form in the ground from which fire was shooting. It was only five feet in each direction.


By Mollie 2015
​The rain poured down in NYC, blurring everything until the streets became a jumble of shapes and sounds. Each independent, yet intertwined. 

Unlike other places, where rain means empty streets and dull, grey skies, the city was filled with life and colour. 

A million umbrellas, like scales on the street. 


By Aoife O'Dweyer 2015
I suddenly woke covered in a cobweb, my cat Rosie was not on my bed but had been replaced by a spider a web. I screamed. It was huge and began crawling towards me.I threw my covers off brating through the web and ran downstars screaming, now sobbing and covered in cob web. My heart was thumping with fear. I soon remebered Rosie. 

God’s Children

By Aoife Gray 2015
The three women in crime hurried to their meeting spot. The three nuns watched out for themselves stealthily as they scurried to the shady part of the convent where they met for business.

“Want a cigarette?” the small nun asked. The largest lady snatched it off her and lit it. 

Leaning against the wall, she puffed out some smoke rings, whilst the other two nuns waited patiently for her to speak.

Short Story

By Amy Keyes O’Rourke 2015
I stand there with faces staring back at me, looking me up and down, some taking photos. They all stand in ne swift motion. 
I feel my father link onto my right arm. He smiles but I have to force myself to smile back. 


By Alison Dunne 2015
As Sister Mary watched the priest leave the room, she lowered her head into her hands. 
Today was her sixtieth birthday. It had been exactly 40 years since she joined the order at the innocent age of 20- hoping to dedicate her life to some greater cause- hoping that by leading a religious life she would feel sense of peace- that she was doing good in the world.

Here Comes the Bride

By Alannah O'Reilly 2015
The prince stood under the gazebo looking around nervously. The bride was supposed to walk down the aisle fifteen minutes ago. We all sat in our seats trying to appear as though we didn’t notice the time go by but we were all worried.