Fiction Writing

Katie Loughney 2015

Finally he heard it. Fourteen nervous, quiet knocks. Noiselessly he opened the trapdoor above him. He grasped the iron rung firmly and heaved open the door.

He hurriedly tried to subdue the frantic barking in his rucksack. 

Everything was all a bustle in Buckingham Palace. Everyone was helping Queen Elizabeth II get ready for her grand procession. 

Adam Lohan 2015

There was once a boy called Sam. And he lived in Florida. He was a very clever boy. One autumn day Sam was on a field trip with his school. 

They were looking for bugs. His partner Eoghan was a bug expert and he collected bugs. Then Sam came across a venomous spider. He picked it up and straight away it bit him. 

‘OW!’ he cried, throwing the spider away.

James Keating 2015

Fred was outside catching butterflies. He was a scientist who studied bugs. He would go out, catch a bug in a net, put it in a thick glass jar and bring it back to his lab for closer examination. 

He had all sorts of bugs in his lab like beetles, butterflies, wasps, bees, grasshoppers, moths and he also had all different types of spiders. 

He had a dark gray beard, gray hair, thick glasses and wore a white coat. He was a kind man, fun and jolly. 

Dylan Hanly 2015

After ten long years of living on stale blue-moulded bread and gone-off milk Ben was finally released from prison. 

When Ben got out of prison, he went straight to his house. You would think that after ten years somebody would be glad to see you. Ben’s parents were not glad to see him. 

‘WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!’ roared Ben’s mother. 

Emma Flannery 2015

He looked behind him again. There was a tin can rolling over the path as if someone had just given it a hefty kick. But there was no one there.

He began to run. They were here, and they were coming for him. They were no longer trying to be quiet. He heard the sounds of their pursuit. There were three of them. One of them had taken the shape of a horse, he could tell from the thundery hoofbeats. He could hear wingbeats – a bird? An insect, maybe? Something more sinister?

Éabha Farrell 2015

Maia had just flown – literally flown! – into Mark. For the whole day things kept going wrong. Every chair that Mark sat on fell apart and everything around Maia kept flying around. 

Meanwhile, Ellen had put the pineapple upside-down cake in the bin. She had decided that was what had made the twins sick. But the twins seemed perfectly healthy now. 

For lunch Ellen made blueberry muffins and chocolate chip cookies. 

Sam Daly 2015

The sweat was pouring off my face. I wanted to stop running but I couldn’t. Not while it was still following me. It scared me. It was fast. It was strong. I had never seen it before, but I knew it was there. I could feel it. I kept on running. 

I reached the end of the forest. It was still following. I could see a carnival in the distance. I ran faster.

Matthew Daly 2015

Once upon a time there was a boy called Jim. He loved space so much. When he got older, he wanted to be an astronaut. His friend Bob liked space too. 

‘Hi Jim, hi Bob.’

Bob was twelve and Jim was eleven. Gradually when they got older Bob finished college and went to be an astronaut. 

Evie Bohan 2015


Dear Diary

My name is Frank the Frog, and yes, I can talk and write. I live in Simple Swamp, in Dublin. Well, technically it’s not really a swamp, it’s actually a large pond in somebody’s back garden. My great-grandparents hatched in this very pond many years ago. My parents wish that I stay here and start a family of my own. But wish away mommy. I ain’t staying here for nothing!

Lily Bohan 2015

The hot summer sun beamed down on the small mud huts of the Hasai tribe of Ethiopia.  

Here a small little girl named Anja sat peacefully on the hot sand.  

A slight breeze blew the sand gently across the ground and turned the little girl’s clothes its own golden red hue. 


By Zeph Philips 2015
"Life is short, and each one of them is wasting theirs" Samuel's thought echoed in his mind as he watched the hundreds of civilians stroll through the streets below.

They knew nothing of war or what it brings. His hands violently shook as explosions and gunshots seemed to echo from the past filling the air around him and paralyzing him with fear.

But this wasn't the world around him, the stale smell of his district clung to him dragging him out from his very real war trauma. 

The Riot

By Tom Keegan Grant 2015

John looked out at the street below. As usual it was filled with busy traffic, men shouting about how much the paper was, children darting from one place to another and the police that waited at the end of the street. 

If they found out what was happening later, the whole plan was doomed. When the clock hit eight, they would start arriving. John went over the plan in his head. 

The Rains

By Rory O’Driscoll 2015
Around my car, the people all shuffle and jostle together as they travel along the wide road, all holding their umbrellas high over their heads. 

It is finally raining. In the back of my cab, the old man gazes out the window, a silly childlike smile on his face.

“The first rains.” He breathed lovingly. “I never thought I would experience this walk again.”


By Róisín Farrelly 2015
The nuns, the ‘holy women’, were respected in the town. Alice joined them at 20 years old. She felt lost before joined, feeling alone and without direction when her older brother and sister both had careers. 

Alice decided that she would become a ‘holy woman’ and retreat into a peaceful place away from her money- driven family.

Strangely, she felt lost when she was in the convent too.

The Police Chase

By Orla Sherlock 2015
The police men are driving fast! You could see them flashing their lights and speeding on the road. In front of them is a big, black car also driving fast. The car has a big bag tied to the boot. It is full of illegal drugs. The suspects stole the bag from the police to sell it off for money, but the police are catching up to them.

The chase is on! The police are watching the car very carefully from their car window.