Fiction Writing

Ben Williams 2015

‘Look, there he is!’ screamed Joe. 

‘Quick, fire that bow at him!’ screamed Jack.

‘Ready-aim-fire!’ screamed Jack. ‘Missed. Give me a go,’ said Jack.

Christopher Watts 2015

Despite winning the lotto twice in three weeks, Cecil was still on edge. Two groups of people out there wanted to kill him and they both knew where he lived.

Cecil wasn’t easily frightened but the thought sent a tingle down his spine. He knew full well that sleeping that night would be stupid. 

Ella Smyth 2015

The girl was tall, about my age, and very skinny. 

I stared at her. The first thing you saw about this girl was the plum coloured mammoth bruise jutting out of her forehead. 

While I was gawking, mum rushed over to the corpse where Dad was crouched on his knees. 

Ciara Smith 2015

At 7.00 am in Southern California a girl named Mindy jumped out of bed and shouted ‘I’m finally sixteen!’ She got dressed and ran downstairs. 

Everything seemed normal. Other than the fact that nanna was singing Teenage Dirtbag. But still, they couldn’t have forgotten my birthday. I got my breakfast and waited for the bus to come and bring me to school. 

For once I was actually excited for school because today was fajita Friday.

Ailbhe Rogers 2015

The minute I woke up I knew there was something terribly wrong. However, I couldn’t pick out what it was.

The warm October sun streamed through my bedroom window, the golden sunlight illuminating the room. I rubbed my eyes and blinked in the brightness.

Nicole Power 2015


In myth it was said that the world would go into complete darkness. The sun would leave the Earth and go to Mars. 

But why? How does this work? 

Well, the sun is controlled by a special valuable jewel. 

Danielle Power 2015

Okay, so every story starts of with the same ‘Once upon a time there was a princess blah blah blah…’ 

But no, that’s not my story…

Alright, lets start with the basics. My name is Eimear. 

Praise Olupitan 2015

Hope wrote in her diary. 

I helped with spelling and full stops and commas. We did have pizza for dinner, and chips and garlic bread. Mam said she was too tired to cook anything decent, then she gave a speech about pizza being a health hazard until dad told her to shut up. I was afraid to look at dad. 

Caoilinn O’Reilly 2015

There was a croissant named Crazy Croiss. Crazy Croiss lived in Berry’s Bakery. Barry’s Bakery was a lovely little bakery on Grafton Street, Dublin with lots of pain au chocolat, apple chausons, tarts, cream cakes, bread and croissants. The bakery was owned by an old man named Barry.  

Manus O’Connor 2015

You are probably asking, ‘He, it, who. What where?’ The point is nothing said the book.

Splod threw it in the bin. This was his job to read all the strange books in the universe, Splod hated it. 

Meanwhile something else was happening. 

Padraig Noone 2015

‘Don’t panic,’ said the tourist. ‘You’re only making it worse!’

They heard a wolf’s howl. 

‘Tough luck. I’m going. Me no likey that sound,’ said the tourist in horror. 

Sadhbh Ní Dhónaill 2015

It was a lovely sunny day and Emily whistled as she walked down the pavement. 

Little did she know this was going to turn out to be the weirdest day of her summer holidays – ever! 

She was walking along when she heard strange noises coming from a clump of bushes. Emily jumped. 

Eoin Moran 2015

YOU CAN’T CATCH ME, it said in red crayon. 

I shivered. And not from the cold. I turned around as the manager came in carrying a bucket. He placed it under the leak and handed me some keys. 

‘Your room…’ he hesitated. ‘Room 37. Up the stairs, second room on the right.’

Sorcha Love 2015

It was just one of those days. Hard work. Blood, sweat and a whole lot of mess. I know what you’re thinking. I’m probably one of those murderers that kills people in a gruesome way to get noticed. 

If you are thinking that then you are 100% correct. 

I’m sorry, I never introduced myself. 

Ellie Love 2015

Suddenly Conor shut down. His back bent over and he broke into parts. 

A Jack Russell jumped out from inside the disguise. It appeared to be Alpha, the dog that was across from Ricky in the dog shelter. 

Ricky always thought that they were friends. But now he had completely changed.