Fiction Writing

The Missing Dog

By Kathleen Torley (2016)

Emma had always owned Bobby. He had lived with her grandmother since she was born. But when Grandma died, he moved in with Emma and her family. Bobby was a white dog with brown hears and a brown tail. Emma had always known he was a clever dog, but there was much more to that dog than she thought… 


By James Keating (2016)

Sarah was out in the schoolyard playing with her friends. They were running, playing hurling and chipping. 

She was just about to call Lauren, her best friend who was actually very fast, when saw a leg “flush” in front of her, blocking her path. Her foot immediately got caught and she tripped and fell head first into the cold, hard ground. She blacked out.

Crash Landed

By Isabelle Barr Lynch (2016)

At the top of a skyscraper there was a farm of sheep and a UFO crash landed on top of it. A friendly looking alien emerged from the UFO. 

All the sheep were scared but one wasn’t. 

An alien needed fuel for his UFO but if he went to get it they would capture him. 

Hope in a Time of Trouble

By Grace Harper (2016)

“Come on Sally, or you’ll be late for school!” shouted my dad from downstairs.

“Coming!” I answered. 

My name is Sally Hope. I’m twelve years old and I live in Dublin with my Dad and my older brother Michael. 

Go to Sleep

By Gary Conroy (2016)

As Jeff was walking through the woods, drunk as always, he put his hand in his pockets and rubbed the blade of his knife, causing cuts to appear on his fingertips. He lifted his other hand and took a swig of his vodka. 

As he walked on, he could feel the eyes of something watching him, or so he thought. Jeff tripped over a twig that was on the ground, but as he stumbled, he swore he saw a tall man with what looked to be no face. 

Jeff got back to his feet and pulled out his knife.


The Screaming Soldier

By Evin Greene (2016)


“What the hell is that sound?” screamed Sergeant John. 



By Emira Carbery McRandal (2016)

The storm swirled in, ripping up what little shelter we had. I stared around.

“Where is everyone? I guess it’s just you and me, Martha,” I said to my loyal Golden Retriever,

We ran towards the old truck. I jimmied the handle until the door fell off. 

The First Mission

By Ellen Quigley (2016)


“Aya O Toole,” shrieked an angry voice from downstairs, “come down here this instant!”

Aya spun around on her chair, took one last look out her window, slid her notebook into a locked box under her bed, locked the door to her bedroom and emerged onto the landing, peering into the other rooms as she headed downstairs. Just as she was about to set foot on the stairs, her eyes caught a glimpse of a glare bouncing off the glass in the bathroom.


By Ella Rowe (2016)

I didn’t know what to do when…I guess I should start at the beginning.

So I’m not your average kid. I live on a road with all the same houses, same cars and the same gardens, but until now I thought I was your average kid. As everyone else, I love this book called Mini Minotaur by John Smith. 

One day, I was reading that book for like the millionth time! I was opening the book when I noticed something on the cover. I


By Eleanor Rourke (2016)

The knock felt too loud. Caused by something more than a fist. Inside the house, a dog barked. Amber raised her hand again, then stopped. There was a window, slightly open, just higher than the door and almost directly beside it.

“Oh, you coward,” whispered Amber. 

She had been expecting this. Which was why she had taken precautions.

The Earthquake

By Éabha Burns-Teeling (2016)

It had come suddenly, the earthquake. Nobody had really noticed until it was too late. Then the ground had started to tremble, then all you could hear was the shrieks of the citizens as they attempted to run for shelter, and the crashing noise as buildings and houses and bridges all came crashing down so that all that was left in the end was rubble and smoke and fire. Barely anyone had survived. 

The Wanderer

By Colm Nicholl (2016)

It was the year 1850, eleven years before the American Civil War, and fifteen years before the abolition of slavery in the South. 

Slavery was still a large industry in the South. Cotton plantations, factories, even houses had slaves working in them. 

The man looked over the Walter’s Plantation with his telescope.


By Charlie Royrcoft Byrne (2016)

The sword felt like a feather in Jason’s hand, like, you know, when you go pick up a banna ‘cause your hungry, then you hold it and your like: maaaaaan, this banana gets me. Kind of like that. “That’ll be twenty-four pebbles please” the blacksmith said gruffly. “Sure”. Jason fumbled around in his bag for a bit looking for the payment. As he emerged he stated “Ah crap”. “I’ve only got twenty-two and a half on me”. “Fine, twenty-two and a half it is” The blacksmith sighed loudly. “Thanks mister!” Jason yelled and of he went. 

Imaginary Friend

By Bridget Maher (2016)

“Jane, Jane!” Jane got up out of bed. Her head was spinning. “Jane come on time to get ready for school,” called her mum. “Coming…” said Jane quietly getting out of bed. 

Jane had a hard life. Her Dad died when she was two and she got bullied at school. 

She had no brothers or sisters and no friends at school. 

The Sausage Who Could Do (Almost) Anything

By Bobby Amadi (2016) 

There was once a sausage. This sausage thought he could do anything in the world. You ask him to lick his elbow, he’ll do it. 

Ask him to do a backflip, he’ll do it. Ask him to do one million backflips, somehow he’ll do it.

But one day someone gave him a challenge and said no one could do it.