Fiction Writing

Ciaran Howley

By Ciaran Howley (2017)

Christine watched the birds eagerly gather underneath the rock she sat in sat on in solitude. She scatted the seedlings in a ubiquitous direction and watched them dive with the flick of her wrist.

She wanted to try and talk to them but they’d desert her in fear. Christine found them so elegant and graceful – unlike her. 

The girls at school had made it their mission to remind her of her uncombed hair, her chunky thighs, and ugly pot belly that inconspicuously poked out from beneath her school uniform.

Christopher Watts

By Christopher Watts (2017)

Eoin’s prosthetic legs clunked on the rickety old boards that led up to the apartment he called home.  

It was cramped and the landlord clearly had no intention of repairing anything that had broken over the years, including the seals on the windows and the heating – not a good combination during London’s winter months. 

Alannah Ryan-Poem

By Alannah Ryan (2017)

Little Betty, a mere six years old

Had always, by her parents been told

Do not go up to the top of the loft

Alannah Ryan

By Alannah Ryan (2017)

Trouble follows Damhain wherever she goes, so it wasn’t a big surprise to her when she was pulled into the black van on that gloomy Saturday afternoon.

Ever since the Rabid Dog incident when Damhain was 4 years old, Disaster follows her wake like a tornado.

This tornado of disaster had given Damhain a rather witty outlook on life and this proved to attract people to Damhain, she was rather popular in school.. with the boys.

Aisling Cleere

By Aisling Cleere (2017)

Over time, a long long time ago there was a curse put on a local village called Adamsville. 

The only way to break the curse is if someone finds a chest and opens it. 

There are myths saying that in the chest there is a young girl called Annie. who has been trapped in there for centuries.

Abigail Greene

By Abigail Greene 2017

Sam huffed as he heaved the shovel out of the sand for what felt like the hundredth time. 

Despite the sweat cascading down his back he glanced around again, the many cacti ensuring the body of his brother was well hidden. 

The poison had done its job, though convincing his brother to eat healthy food had then considerably more effort than he’d thought. 


By Tommy Woods (2016)

I found myself with a sword in my hand running faster than any other boy. Everyone else was so slow. I threw the sword into the horse’s leg. It fell over, I then grabbed the sword while it was in the air and drove it through the knight’s armour. Everyone was looking at me. I checked my phone, 3:00 in the afternoon. 

I would be late for school for knight’s but I could make it. 


By Sarah Guillemet (2016)

It was my most favourite thing in the world. It was a bracelet. With it, I was able to think of anything, and I mean anything in the world, and it would appear right there in front of me. 

What I really wanted was to find my big brother Max. I tried asking for a map that showed me where he was, but it just showed me a map of my house. I got extremely frustrated, so I went to talk to Grandpa. I told Grandpa everything. He said he would give me two more months, whatever that means, to make up for Max not being there. 

Jimmy Jams Big Adventure

By Paul Woods (2016)

Jimmy Jam was a local hippie who was broke, had no respect for himself or other people. One day he was watching “Hippies on Ice” when a competition came up, “Who is Donald Trump’s Second Wife? Is it (A) Melania Trump  (B) Hilary Clinton or (C) Osama Bin Laden. It was so easy that even a stupid high hippie such as Jimmy Jan would guess this! He sent an email to the competition. His answer was (C) Osama Bin Laden. The competition owners felt sorry for him when they saw his answer, so they just gave him the prize, a trip on RyanAir to Pyongyang, North Korea. 

The Football

By Oisín Hegarty (2016) 

I kicked my football along the hard, sandy ground. Well, something along the lines of a football. My name is Pablo and I sell oranges on the side of the road. I go the football off another seller one bag of oranges. It was made of rope, plastic bags, and well, that’s it really. I always kick it around with my two friends Carlos and Seidou. It’s all we’ve got to do around here in Nigeria. But I’d still love a real football. 

Pink Flamingos

By Méabh Scahill (2016)

It was dark under the canopy of trees. Leaves crunched underfoot and the early morning air was cold, damp with residual fog. 

David Grant shifted in his jacket and raised his collar to protect against the cold. He kept walking into the gloom, until he was swallowed by the forest.

Several moments later, another figure entered the woods, disappearing just as Mr. Grant had. 

The Bad Neighbours

By Matthew Long (2016)

It was a nice sunny day in Kiat. Everyone was enjoying it because there’s very few sunny days in Iceland. But there were two people not enjoying it and they were Mr. and Mrs. Bottlescnumper. If you don’t know who they are, let me tell you, they are my two horrible neighbours. They live in a horrible house which has moss all over it and is falling apart. And their car is a Jet Black 1995 Nissan Micra with pink flames on the sides. But the worst of all is what they look like. Mr. Bottlescnumper is pretty much a potato with legs and arms and a big ginger beard. He also has an attempt of a mullet. And he wears €2 Penney’s jeans that are way too small for him.

The Regimes’ Leader

By Matthew Bourke (2016)

2169 was different. He didn’t believe in the Regime. He felt it was wrong. 2169 was going to do something about it. Something big.

RD 890

It was RD (Regime Day) 890 and 2169 was having doubts. 

The Hurricane

By Lucy Tierney (2016)

The hurricane raced down the beach, sucking up sand and pebbles, whirling and swirling. Eva’s feet were frozen to the spot. She was paralyzed with fear. Pebbles and sand flew out of the hurricane, pining, hurting and stinging her. 

“Eva, run! We have to get out of here!” her father shouted over the wind. “Ahhhhhh!” He ducked as a beach chair lashed out of the hurricane towards him.

The Nightmare

By Kirti Achanta (2016)

Did you ever wish your dreams came true, not the cliché ‘I wish I married a prince’ dreams, but like the dreams you dreamt every night? I do, I did. 

And that’s where our story begins, whenever I dream something I wish I was there. But I think that’s because I never get nightmares, until last night. It was the only dream that I never wanted to be in! I thought to myself it’s okay, this isn’t real. It’s just my imagination.