Fiction Writing

Kitty Joyce

By Kitty Joyce (2017)

The flat was shabby inside with a few pieces of cheap furniture and a threadbare carpet covering mold on the floor.

The walls were bare and impersonal. “home sweet home”, Oliver thought as he stepped inside to a familiar smell.

Kerry O’Sullivan

By Kerry O’Sullivan (2017)

The Mirror

You work hard to become a psychologist. Years and years of work to sit there in a chair and listen to the whims and worries of the people priviledged enough to afford a psychologist- probably the group of people that need it the least.

Ive just turned the page in my notebook when a new patient scurries in and shuts the door behind her. She’s old. Shes withered and looking at me as if I’m about to slap her. I sigh inwardly, looks like lunch will have to wait.

“Hello, Ms.-uhh” I say as I search for her name through my recent emails, clicking past 20,000 word tales of sorrow from rich people. 

Katie Ryan

By Katie Ryan (2017)


Chapter 1: I Woke up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

I never stood the term holiday…. See when you have a job like mine you don’t really get one…at all….

My name is Judadia Brown. My job is so top secret I can only say I work for the FPO (French Protection Organization).

James Clarke

By James Clarke (2017)

The Sentinels

The Earth is blue, the Earth is full of colour, full of life. Life with a free will and choice, the ability to make mistakes and learn from them.

After all mistake are the portals to discovery. But humanity has a tendency to repeat past mistakes, war after war, the reasons change, the factions change, the people change, but the facts stay the same.

Jack Fanciulli

By Jack Fanciulli (2017)

John kept forgetting that he was living and not watching a film, because his son was such a badly-written character that he couldn’t even communicate with him anymore and tried to avoid him nowadays.

Holly Perdue

By Holly Perdue (2017)

Adam waited until his parents had been gone ten minutes before he texted his friends, ‘THEY’RE GONE’. He went into his bedroom and took his stash from under the mattress, then went back downstairs, closing the blinds and curtains as it was now night time, and he didn’t want anyone peeping in.

Once his three friends arrived, he took them down to the basement, where he had everything set up. 

Fiona Buckley

By Fiona Buckley (2017)

Nightfall has crept upon the scene without the realization of the footballers below. One by one lights are switched off in individual rooms until the place is in complete darkness. 

However, the lone mother still remains by the window, watching and waiting for her son to return. Minutes pass. 

Hours pass. You wonder what they find so compelling about sports, how their legs don't cave in from exhaustion. Five more minutes you think. 

Keating McMahon

By Finn Keating McMahon (2017)

She sits in the front seat of her car, checking her face in the mirror in the front, not so much to over her appearance or to make sure it’s still there.

At long last she makes her way out of her car and toward the somewhat large bungalow outside of which she was parked and knocks at the door.

“Hey Sheila,” greets the woman on the other side enthusiastically. “I’m so glad you could make it.”

Emma Flannery

By Emma Flannery (2017)

There are people in the world who would tell you the Clockwork city is the most dangerous place on the planet. That it’s a dictatorship. That just surviving to age 30 is damn near impossible.

Me I’m the opposite.

See the Clockwork City has some good points. Three to be exact.

Ellen Fitzgerald

By Ellen Fitzgerald (2017)

By the railway tracks in the city it’s late in the evening. Dark figures move around, shrouded in the heavy mist. 

There seems to be nothing happening but when you examine the scene more closely you see that the freight train has stopped for no reason.

The reason that it has halted is inside it. There appears to be no cargo in it, and the driver isn’t there. 

Elizabeth O’Kelly

By Elizabeth O’Kelly (2017)

There was once a man
Who lived on a submarine
His life was pretty extreme

Declan Cosson - Getting downed

By Declan Cosson (2017)

Above the ocean of clouds, one of the biggest New Antioch air assaults was taking place, meant to pierce right into the United States. New Antioch’s aim was to get as much of the human world as possible under their that humanity could be ready for the first major spawn of Satan. To do take as much of America as possible, they were to launch a massive airborne assault that would secure key positions throughout the Continent in order to make it easier for the main invasion force. Amassed for this air assault were at several squadrons of sky cruisers (enormous eight engined bombers fueled by nuclear fusion cores and that had several missile batteries), several squadrons of dropships (a hybrid between the size and transportation capacities and the sheer firepower of an Apache), gunships and fighter jets (which included Phil’s squadron…”The Wasps”).

Daniel Mills

By Daniel Mills (2017)

The rustling of the leaves drew the traveller from his thoughts. A whisper on the wind ebbing him on. 

Curiosity, like a virus, spread fast in his mind. His gaze, at last, rising from the worn pavement and all at once his breath was taken, mind blank, words lost in the wind.

Sunlight pierced the emerald cloak above him, creating indeceverable patterns and messages before him. 

Daniel Keating

By Daniel Keating (2017)

Chapter 2: Letter from hell.

As Seth scrubbed the floors of the house to get rid of the cake, his dad strolled in with his snooker cue.

“So, how’s it going there?” He asks in a semi-serious tone.


Ciaran Howley

By Ciaran Howley (2017)

Dana read the number on the scrap of paper once more. She chewed her bottom lip and looked back at her phone which sat temptingly on her bed.

“You have to do it Dana,” Alicia had said excitedly as she’d furiously scribbled down the number on a torn page from her copy book. “I don’t know who it is, or what it is, all I know is that weird stuff starts happening.”

Dana’s eyebrow had raised itself to its usual, cynical position.