Fiction Writing

The Kidnapping

By Jacob Neary Byrne (2018)

It all began when someone left the window open. I was leaving my house to go to a party with my friends. There I was, waiting for the taxi to pick me up, but then I heard a faint noise of footsteps upstairs. I took my broomstick from the kitchen and continued up the stairs to find a hooded figure in the attic. I scrambled up the ladder to let him have it, but then he vanished into thin air! I could not believe what happened before my very eyes.

I saw a note on the floor saying “If you want your stolen belongings back, come to 32 Grove Park Drive.” So then I wondered what he might have taken. Then I noticed a box of all the things I found as an adventurer gone! How could he know I had something important to him? “Well, it’s about time I found out!?


By Freya McCarthy (2018)

I never liked hot places.  My family takes pleasure in travelling to places with ungodly temperatures.  Ungodly as in: over 20˚C.  I can’t stand the heat and would desperately try to find shade when we’d walk around our hell of a destination.

This situation was no better in adulthood, when you’re expected to not complain and genuinely enjoy humidity.  I don’t know.  I’m pretty sure adulthood is a lie we tell ourselves.

So as I am currently trudging around in Mexico wearing as little clothing as socially acceptably possible (by that I mean a shoulderless tank top and a skirt), I am also fanning myself like I’ll die if I don’t, while the human man-child that is Richard Keyrich follows behind looking flamboyantly  dazed as always.

The Hotel Chocolate

By Fintan Shanahan (2018)

Aah…The Hotel Chocolate, a place of “giving, getting, going,” that’s their new slogan. that…well, it’s old, now, due to a crime scene that happened there only a month ago.

It all started when a regular visitor came. “Hello, may I have some of your finest chocolate?” he greeted himself.

“Try, time and time again,” the cashier replied “Those accents won’t get more! The limit is three!”

Connection Between Countries

By Evie Kenny (2018)

Dear Skylar,

How are you doing? My mum said that we can Skype next week. I can’t now because I am in a camp in Belfast, but I will send you a postcard if you would like that. I am travelling around Ireland for my camp. Next, I will be in Galway.

See you later,


P.S. At my camp we have to write letters so I will write to you everyday. Tell me about America!

Matthew and Louise

By Charlie Boles

Louise was a straight up-market business woman who made tons of money by selling appliances. She was one of the top business people in the U.K.  She was estimated to be worth 7,127,036 pounds.

Matthew her brother on the other hand, was completely different to his big sister.  In primary school Matthew was always the troublemaker; he carried on misbehaving and ended up getting expelled from St. Mary’s Primary School.  Unfortunately he kept misbehaving all through his life which landed him in prison five times for car theft.

Intergalactic War

By Blinne Martin (2018)

It all began when someone left the window open. I was lying in my bed, tossing and turning. But sleep would not come. 

I finally gave up and switched on my light and I began to read. A cold breeze swept into my room. The window was open, although I couldn’t remember opening it. I stepped towards the window cautiously. 

With a shock I realized that in the distance a beacon of light was reaching into the sky.


By Ava Li Blount (2018)

In my dream I’m running through a forest until I burst into a clearing. I don’t stop even though there are dinosaurs such as raptors, chickens, and T-Rex’s dotted all over the place. Wait, hold on, did I say chickens? I did, oh, sorry. I meant turkeys.

Anyway, back to my story. As I run back into the forest I ignore the constant howl of a werewolf, as I need only worry about what dangers the sudden gorge fire will bring.


By Anthony Sheridan (2018)

It was a perfect lift-off. The ship was on course. Everything was fine. We would make it home safely. Soon we arrived home safely. We got into a car safely. We drove home safely. We safely ordered a Chinese take away. Nobody died. There was no action. We safely went on a journey from Paris to Dublin safely.

You’re still here? You want action? Fine. Here you go.

The Mystic Forest

By Alice Gallagher (2018)

He had warned her about the book, but now it was too late…

It was midnight in the mystic forest. If it wasn’t for the moldber mushrooms, I might as well have been blind. The soft leaves brush against my ankles. “I should’ve worn shoes!” I whispered to myself. Hopefully, he didn’t hear me. I couldn’t stand when he caught me. It was embarrassing. 

He would always tell me off, but in a way that made it sound like he was helping me.

Shattered Window

By Aisling Flynn (2018)

It all began when someone left the window open… It was a very stuffy night, and almost in every room a fan blew, lowing cool breeze into the unbearably hot rooms. As the sun went down and the street lamps turned on, I closed all of the windows and turned off the fans but I left the window open which led to the alleyway.

Sleep was difficult that night. The constant humming from insects was very irritating and the dead heat which just washed over your body made it almost impossible.

Steven O’Leary

By Steven O’Leary (2017)

Matabui: MK 1 17/7/17

It was a scorching day in the vast expanse of the Tablekian deserts. It was so hot on this particular day that no one not even the gazelles would leave the cool shade of their shelter to try their luck for a chance to get a drink of water from any of the soon to be dried up local springs.

Despite all of these facts a young Tablekian boy aged only 12 years old soldiered on through the oppressive heat in search of his first kill.

Sinead Healion

By Sinead Healion (2017)

We had just moved house and my bedroom was looking bland and boring. Beige bare walls, a battered wardrobe, and a squeaky bed with mix and match bed clothes. I decided to take on the talk of decorating my room.

I entered Ikea; this was going to be an all day job. I headed to the paint section. I was going to decide on the foundations of my room and then build it up. 

The colour I decided on would be a pale grey.

Simone Connolly

By Simone Connolly (2017)

“What’ cha drawing?”

Before she can even finish her sentence, Gloria snaps the sketchbook shut.

A laugh, “Woah, woah, what’s that for?”

“Nothing, nothing!” Gloria laughs covering her panic, “Jesus Hannah, what did you think I was drawing?”

Sean Walsh

By Sean Walsh (2017)

“Your Worst Nightmare”

“I hate you,” shouted Liam as he threw a look at his mum. He has just been told that he had been signed up for a French camp for the whole summer. He realized all of the consequences. No holiday, no fun, just posh people saying Bonjour in an accent he knew was fake. A mixture of rage and confusion filled him inside as he fled the house. 

Ray McHallem

By Ray McHallem (2017)

It was an ordinary day. Especially ordinary. Oz sat on a bench, reading a library book, waiting for someone from the orphanage to come pick her up. She closed her book. It was quiet. She liked the quiet, it meant she was alone.

Then she looked around. She was alone. There was no one else on the street, no cars on the road.

Then the street lamp exploded.