Fiction Writing

The Secret Author

By Ava (2019)

Our story begins with seven year old Eve Kelly and her best friend Tiffany Blake. The girls had been friends all their lives because their mums were also best friends. But one day Eve’s parents announced that they were moving to Australia because Eve’s dad was Australian. Tiffany’s mum was furious about this, not because she was jealous but because she would miss Mrs Kelly very much. Seeing their mums fighting, the girls began to fight as well – each of them sticking up for their own mums.

Thomas the TV Salesman

By Tim O’Leary (2018)

It all began when someone left the window open…

Earlier that day, a thunderstorm was forecast to come at around 1.30 PM.  Nobody really took it seriously, since Met Éireann is nearly always wrong.  Enter Thomas Flanagan, a narcissistic TV salesman.  Yeah, I know.  Weird combination, but just stay with me.  Not only was Thomas egotistical, he also has notorious anger issues.  Nearly every time a customer would pull out of buying a TV, he’d go completely ballistic and, in one way or another, would smash said TV on the ground, breaking it in the process.  

Under Your Bed

By Séona Coogan (2018)

Something underneath your bed.  Does it have three eyes and scales with demon horns and flaky skin?  Is it ten feet tall and have breath like rotten year-old socks?  Does it prowl around at night and sleep all day?  Are you the only one that knows that it exists?  If so you probably have a Minion living among the dust and cobwebs under your bed.

This Minion isn’t small and yellow and shaped like a bean.  No, this monster is something else entirely.  The monster is something else entirely.

The Girl

By Rory Rusnak (2018)

Look at the girl. She wears raggedy clothes, like those of a vagabond, and seems to be carrying great weight upon her shoulders. Her eyes, large and discoloured, seem to cry for help as she makes her way down the crowded, metropolitan avenue. Perhaps this was from the great weight upon her shoulders or maybe from another tragedy or upsetting time. 

Now, as the sun hits her weary face it is hard to tell whether this is a young girl or a corpse, rotting in the street.

As the sun beams its rays down, the girl flinches into the shade, under a large, majestic, oak tree where she rests her withered feet and legs. 

Masked McDonald’s Man

By Padraig Noone (2018)

After weeks of searching, the masked man had fled 3 arrests, 4 crime scenes and a SWAT team. I’m not saying he’s bad but justice must prevail (I know that’s cringey but some on cut me some slack). 

I mean, he’s about a whole drug ring down, but still 14 people have been sent to the hospital and three of them are in critical condition. There he was, white mask one design for every time he fled the police. 

Navy hoodie, skinny tracksuit and Pennys shoes (underrated in my opinion) he just stood there one of those old torches, the big long ones He had his eye holes covered with netting and his mouth and nose holes cut for breathing.

The Magic Mint

By Nivriti Achanta (2018)

One day I ate a mint that had blue and pink on it. I was not feeling good at all so I went to bed. In the morning I was feeling great. I went outside to play and I was jumping really high and I was really fast. I was faster than a 13 year old and I am only 10.

It was time for lunch. I ate a lot. 2 whole sandwiches and I normally eat 1. That night I got teleported to a whole new world (kind of). “Mary, come down for breakfast” said some ladies. “I am Judi” I think to myself. I go downstairs.

I look like a superhero. The lady goes “Your first mission it to go save a man who is hanging from a building. I say “Okay”. 

The Open Window

By Nathan Oates (2018)

My brother left the window open one night. Some burglars ran in and stole our telly and PS4. My brother got a kick and he ran crying while I was laughing. He said “It wasn’t my fault I left the window open!” It obviously was. How was it me, if I went to bed at six? It was probably dad. He went to bed at twelve.

I know who the robbers were that were yelling at my sister. Who?

“A flock of birds” she said. “I heard they rob a lot of stuff. Let’s go get them.”

The Open Window

By Molly Walsh (2018)

It all began when someone left the window open.  I was fast asleep when I heard a noise, it sounded like someone was singing.

I leaped out of bed and soon realised the window was open.  I didn’t remember opening it so at that point I was starting to get scared.  I lived with my granny and granddad in an old red-brick house in the middle of nowhere.

I remember I wanted to wake my grandparents up, but I wasn’t close with them and I didn’t talk to them that often. 

The Uninteresting House

By Misha Carroll Cloherty​ (2018)

“Are you sure this is the right house?” I asked. “Yes, I’m sure, I know it looks a bit of old but we will make it look new and fresh” she answered confidently. “Ahh a spider!” my little sister Paige screamed. Fun fact: she is only sven minutes younger than me (we are twins). “Ahh!” I screamed, running out the front door as fast as a flash! “don’t worry, I’ll get it.” said my mom calmly. 

“Don’t put it out here!” exclaimed Paige. “Why not?” asked Mom. “Because we are out here!” she said in a sarcastic way. 

Little Red Riding Hood

By Matthew Brigdale​ (2018)

“Come here, dear, I’ve baked cookies for Grandma and you get to deliver them”

“Oh, yay! Thanks, mum!”

“But be careful and stay away from the Big Bad Octopus”

The Day Trump became Extinct

By Laoise Hanly (2018)

It all began when someone left the window open…

It was the best day of my life, the day Donald Trump became extinct.

You see, we live right outside Donald Trump’s White House- ye, poor us is right. He’s so annoying. 

The Sequel

By Kate Lucey (2018)

After the Big Bad Wolf barfed up the first 2 little pigs, they decided to move somewhere else where they weren’t any big bad wolves. “I know” said Pig no. 1, “How about a volcanic wasteland! No one else would be crazy enough to go there!”

“Great idea!” said Pig No. 2.

Their journey took many weeks but finally, they arrived. “We won’t even have to build houses.” Said Pig No. 2.

The Secret Life of the Canal

By Kara O’Brien​ (2018)

The reeds were so thick and felt horrible against my legs. The water was murky and disgusting, and canals are. “Arms above your head in front” shouted out swimming teacher from the side of the canal.

I guess I should tell you why me and my whole class are swimming in Royal Canal. Well, our normal swimming pool was closed and due to our swimming classes being compulsory in school, they brought us to the nearest body of water they could find. That happened to be a horrible canal. Everyone was complaining; I hear “I hate this,” “Ew, a reed is touching me,” and “This is not good for my skin.” 


By Jessica O’Shea (2018)

It all began when someone left the window open .The house was dark when I woke up. It was still night. I got out of bed to turn on the light. I put my finger on the cold switch and pressed it… but it wouldn’t work so I got my phone from the drawer next to my bed. I turned on my flashlight and went to close the window. I walked out of my room and down the stairs into the sitting room. I walked over to the open window. As I stood there I felt the cold wind blow on my face. As I reached my hand out to close the window, I saw what looked like a figure of a person in the distance.

I closed the window and went back up to bed. I lied there in bed staring at the dark ceiling, trying to fall asleep, until I heard some loud bang, like something breaking that was made of glass. I got up out of bed one again and I walked over to my bedroom window and there he was. The figure of a person looking up at me. Just then…*ding* my phone!

A Wild Night

By Jessica Kennedy (2018)

DATE: 03/15/21

I honestly have no idea why I’m here! A ‘lil public nudity never hurt nobody!  I thought Las Vegas was Party Central, but apparently kissing a man is illegal!  I bet if it was a lad and lass the cops wouldn’t bat an eyelid!!  This ruined my get-away weekend!!