The Uninteresting House

By Misha Carroll Cloherty​ (2018)

“Are you sure this is the right house?” I asked. “Yes, I’m sure, I know it looks a bit of old but we will make it look new and fresh” she answered confidently. “Ahh a spider!” my little sister Paige screamed. Fun fact: she is only sven minutes younger than me (we are twins). “Ahh!” I screamed, running out the front door as fast as a flash! “don’t worry, I’ll get it.” said my mom calmly.

“Don’t put it out here!” exclaimed Paige. “Why not?” asked Mom. “Because we are out here!” she said in a sarcastic way. “Put it in the bushes so we have a chance to run in and lock all the doors and windows” I loudly whispered in a terrified voice. “Fine. Go” Mom answered. When we got back inside we didn’t actually lock anything. Instead we went to explore the new freaky house. “Let’s check upstairs first” Paige said in an excited voice.

So we both ran upstairs. “It’s so dusty and damp” I said in shock. “Yeah, but why are you shocked?” she asked. “I honestly don’t know” I whispered. There was nothing really interesting upstairs so we decided to go back down. When we walked into the sitting room, Mam was on the floor watching the soaps. “What are you doing? None of the furniture is even moved in yet!” I shouted while my mind was wandering. “Will you shut-up Charlie? I am trying to watch the soaps here.” She shouted back angrily.

“I forgot when she is in her soap mood she doesn’t come out until they’re over” Paige whispered as we walked away.

“Let’s look in the basement, maybe we will find something that is actually interesting.” I said in a sarcastic tone of voice. There was nothing there but when we opened the door to get out, we were in a while different world!