Under Your Bed

By Séona Coogan (2018)

Something underneath your bed.  Does it have three eyes and scales with demon horns and flaky skin?  Is it ten feet tall and have breath like rotten year-old socks?  Does it prowl around at night and sleep all day?  Are you the only one that knows that it exists?  If so you probably have a Minion living among the dust and cobwebs under your bed.

This Minion isn’t small and yellow and shaped like a bean.  No, this monster is something else entirely.  The monster is something else entirely.  The Minion under your bed could gobble you up in one gulp.  He could devour you in one chomp.  He could… well, you get the idea.  Minions work for their king, the terrifying Monster Snake. 

With the head of a serpent and the body of a bull, this was one monster you didn’t want to mess with.  The Minion’s work was simple.  Grab the kid in the bed above you in the middle of the night and bring them to Snake to dine on.  Minions could stay for years under your bed waiting for the chance.  But there was one catch – if the kid was fully under the covers you couldn’t catch them.

The only person in the whole world that knew of these monsters was Maria Masters. 

She was one of the Snake’s victims and as a child of nine had been taken by a Minion.  She had escaped Snake’s clutches and safely got back home.  She decided to share this new information with the world – but how?

Later that month Maria thought of a way to share this information with the world without sounding crazy.  After all, how do you think the monster-under-the-bed story started?