The Open Window

By Nathan Oates (2018)

My brother left the window open one night. Some burglars ran in and stole our telly and PS4. My brother got a kick and he ran crying while I was laughing. He said “It wasn’t my fault I left the window open!” It obviously was. How was it me, if I went to bed at six? It was probably dad. He went to bed at twelve.

I know who the robbers were that were yelling at my sister. Who?

“A flock of birds” she said. “I heard they rob a lot of stuff. Let’s go get them.”

“Where do they live?”

“In a tree.”

“ No, in a mansion” my sister screamed.

“Why a mansion?”

“So they can keep all their stuff there”.

“How did they even get a mansion?”

“They robbed it from a really rich guy who is homeless”

“How do you even know about that?”

“It’s all around the internet” she replied.

“Did the police do anything about it?”

“No but they got attacked”.

“What type of birds are they?”

“Seagulls, pigeons, crows, mavericks, cockatoo birds and many magpies. Wait, I know! They weren’t in the mansion. They walked very quickly. They stole their stuff and ran.

We reported the birds. All the birds were arrested.