The Open Window

By Molly Walsh (2018)

It all began when someone left the window open.  I was fast asleep when I heard a noise, it sounded like someone was singing.

I leaped out of bed and soon realised the window was open.  I didn’t remember opening it so at that point I was starting to get scared.  I lived with my granny and granddad in an old red-brick house in the middle of nowhere.

I remember I wanted to wake my grandparents up, but I wasn’t close with them and I didn’t talk to them that often. 

I decided to go downstairs and try to find where the noise was coming from.  I thought my granny would wake up as when I opened my bedroom door I knocked over a vase and I made loads of noise.

The floorboards on the stairs creaked with every footstep.  When I got to the end of the stairs I could see something glowing in the garden.  I followed the light, the singing got louder with each footstep.  I reached the back door and I panicked.

I made the choice to go out the door.  What I saw really surprised me.  Out in my garden were all the things I had ever lost. 

But it was like they were alive.  All my old toys and clothes I had lost were dancing and prancing in my back garden.