Masked McDonald’s Man

By Padraig Noone (2018)

After weeks of searching, the masked man had fled 3 arrests, 4 crime scenes and a SWAT team. I’m not saying he’s bad but justice must prevail (I know that’s cringey but some on cut me some slack).

I mean, he’s about a whole drug ring down, but still 14 people have been sent to the hospital and three of them are in critical condition. There he was, white mask one design for every time he fled the police.

Navy hoodie, skinny tracksuit and Pennys shoes (underrated in my opinion) he just stood there one of those old torches, the big long ones He had his eye holes covered with netting and his mouth and nose holes cut for breathing. I felt like he was going to attack but suddenly he just vanished and there was a piece of paper. But, to my surprise, it…it..was a McDonald’s receipt for an Egg McMuffin and a Toffee Latte.

As I looked around, I saw his torch, it was engraved with something – XIX.IV.MM- I though what did it mean? A date of birth? A day when someone passed away? There was also Chinese characters which I soon found out means “To live or life.” And, ever since that day, its never been the same since that day…