The Magic Mint

By Nivriti Achanta (2018)

One day I ate a mint that had blue and pink on it. I was not feeling good at all so I went to bed. In the morning I was feeling great. I went outside to play and I was jumping really high and I was really fast. I was faster than a 13 year old and I am only 10.

It was time for lunch. I ate a lot. 2 whole sandwiches and I normally eat 1. That night I got teleported to a whole new world (kind of). “Mary, come down for breakfast” said some ladies. “I am Judi” I think to myself. I go downstairs.

I look like a superhero. The lady goes “Your first mission it to go save a man who is hanging from a building. I say “Okay”.

“Eat and go”. I go. I do not know what I am doing. Somehow I fly, I get the guy down (Keep in mind that I am 10 years old).

So I found the mint and I ate the mint and I went back to normal.