Little Red Riding Hood

By Matthew Brigdale​ (2018)

“Come here, dear, I’ve baked cookies for Grandma and you get to deliver them”

“Oh, yay! Thanks, mum!”

“But be careful and stay away from the Big Bad Octopus”

Little Red Riding Hood hadn’t heard the last part as she was already skipping down the dock to her Little Red Dingy. She climbed in and grumbled aloud “Why does Grandma’s cottage have to be on an Island in the middle of nowhere”

She set off quickly and soon was almost half-way there. But, rowing is hard work, a lot harder than something like walking. And the more you row, the hungrier you get. The more she looked at the cookies, the more she wanted to eat them.

A couple of minutes later, the local fisherman passed by his boat. He said how nice her cookies looked and that pushed little red riding hood over the edge. She ate the whole basket of cookies (that would have lasted Grandma a year) and soon turned around and was heading homewards. But then, all of a sudden, something burst out of the water. It was the Big Bad Octopus!!!

Little Red Riding Hood tried to run but she was too fat because she ate all the cookies. Then she tried to swim but got a stomach cramp because she ate all the cookies. The cookies had come back to bite her and in the end (not putting up much of a fight) was munched by the octopus.