Fiction Writing

Fiction Writing Summer Camp 2021 (11-13 year olds)

Young writers aged 11 to 13 joined us for an online Fiction Writing Camp from 26th - 29th July 2021.

Imaginations soared to inventive worlds ranging from an infamous art robbery, a purple dragon who loves marshmallows, the recollections of ants, a poisoned hairbrush, some monster hunting, and crime. Each writer delved into the lives of memorable characters and twisting and turning plots.

Fiction Writing Summer Camp 2020 (14-17 year olds)

Young writers from Dublin, Cork, Galway, Kerry, Meath and Wexford joined us for an online Fiction Writing Camp from 17th - 20th August 2020.

All our young authors are aged between 14 and 17 and the contributions range from massive demogorgons, troublesome toddlers and chained up prisoners to an alien who feels different, a magical book and the writers bring to life memorable characters, inventive plots and vivid settings, whether it's the adventure of a girl starting secondary school or a baby bird learning to fly.

Fiction Writing Summer Camp 2020 (11-13 year olds)

Stories from young imaginations in Limerick, Roscommon, Dublin, Kildare and Clare this week!

All our young authors are aged between 11 and 13 and the contributions range from hidden gods, dragon attacks and walks in the woods gone wrong to secret squadrons stealing secret serums, kind vampires, resourceful orphans in spy training.

Inside a mansion

By Group (2019)

‘Where’s fluffy’ Johnny said in a batman voice.

‘Over there’ said Clara anxiously stroking her luminous orange moustache.

‘Can you go get him?’


By Sadhbh K. (2019)

I awoke in a familiar tank of water . It was more like a cuboid made out of glass that was closed of at the top. Wires stuk out of the tips of my fingers and a tube conected to my neck allowing me to breath.  There were wires conected to oter places like my arms or chest . Wathe ever the wiers did it hurt.  

I remember one day were it became to much for me and i janked out the wiers whith all the force i could muster.

The Death of Jabari

By Gary (2019)

As  the  large  circus  train  pulled  up  a  few  yards,  away  from where the circus had been performed, the handlers and some of the circus workmen were guiding the large elephants to their boxcars.

It was about twelve o’clock. It was a few hours after the circus had ended and the handlers and circus workmen had just about loaded most of the elephants safely off the railroad line, except Jabari. He was the largest and biggest of the circus elephants and had to wait patiently by the railroad line.

Sleeping beauty

By Leah M. (2019)

Int-baby shower-day

                                                                    NARRATOR (OS)

Once apon a time there was a king and a queen,who had a beautiful baby called Aurora. They invited everyone in the land exept 1 person and her name was Malificent, Malificent was the most evil villain in the world at that time ( you know before Donald Trump and Brexit) anyway when Maleficent found out about the baby shower and how she wasn’t invited she got MAD! Right after the fairies gave the gifts Malificent burst through the room…

Oisin M.

Oisin M. (2019)

He runs throught through the forest, hair whipping across his face. Branches snapping under his feet. A giant, ferocious creature, with a mouth full of teeth and drool dripping onto the forest floor. It chases him, hungry for meat. And so the boy turns, draws his blade and turns to face the starving beast....

At least, in his imagination. In reality, yes, he was running through the forest, but that was where the similarities ended. There was no monster, no sword, no battle. Just a young boy in the woods.

He stumbled out onto the beach, trying to catch his breath. A small wooden shack stood proud, nestled in the sand. 

My own Hansel & Gretel

By Senan (2019)

Instead of being led into the house by the candy and witch, the witch put two mannequins which were made to look like their parents by her door to lure Hansel & Gretel into her house.

Instead of making just Hansel fat by giving him a lot of junk food, the witch fed both Hansel & Gretel so much junk food they couldn’t move.

Instead of putting Hansel in the fire so she could eat him, she very stupidly  tried to lift both of the children who were very heavy and once she lifted the two children up in the air Hansel let out a really loud fart which made the witch laugh so hard she dropped the children on to her and they squeezed the witch to death.

Mary D.B.

Mary D.B. (2019)

No one understands the 11 year old boy who robs things. Mainly because he doesn`t communicate with other people. Another reason is because stealing is a peculiar thing for an 11 year old boy to do. He is very private. No one knows his name ,or where he lives or why he steals. People think he is an introvert.

The big incident happened on May 18th , 1981. The boy slowly crept into the Smiths house. He picked the Smiths house because they are very rich.

Luke L.

By Luke L (2019)

There once was a kingdom in India led by a high King named Hossain. He ruled all of Asia and parts of other continents, his arch enemy was the King of Ireland named Fionn who ruled all of Europe and other countries around the world. The two kingdoms are constantly at was all over the world, sometimes India win and sometimes Ireland win. Both kingdoms have fearsome warriors but the strongest of all is Raj, Hossains assistant.

One day Hossain decided that he will attack Ireland and defeat the Irish once and for all. In the coming days he will set sail for Ireland and kill Fionn and his army.


By Liam (2019)

King Aizen’s men marched furiously into Raviline, they dared not waste a second. Five thousand men there were, armed with all sorts of weapons, from small knives to hammers that could crush anyone in a few moments. The marching of feet and clip-clopping of horses’ hooves could be heard from miles away, it almost sounded like a thunder storm.

They finally stopped at a large town that looked like no man had walked in for a thousand years. 


By Sean D. (2019)

They grow wary on the travel. The party decided to seek a camp for the night. They stumbled upon a small cave in a valley. They debated among themselves on who should go in.

Everyone pointed at Hamyed seen as she was a champion pot-hole person. She sighed and went in. Avue minutes later she ren out hurriedly.

“Run!” she screamed terrified.


By Gwen (2019)

Dad was always strong. Invincible, powerful, untouchable. He would come home from work every night and I would ask him how his day was, but he would never tell me. I always thought it was that what he was doing was too important or special, like a surprise that I would find out about someday. But I was wrong.

He came from work that day, same as usual and went to his armchair like he always did and asked for his daily whiskey. ‘Maria, could you get any slower?

Amina K

By Amina K. (2019)

Esme decided to use her graduation present. She was 20 with dark brown eyes and shoulder length black hair. She was wearing a silver, sleeveless, long dress. Esme and Enie (her sister, who had blue eyes and blond, wavy waist long hair. Wearing a sleeveless black mini dress) were taking pictures by the very tall and beautiful Eiffel Tower.

On the way back, there were lots of people asking them to buy stuff. They only bought from one man. He was wearing a hood and the coffee’s could barely see his face. He gave them 4 tickets the man said that they did not have to pay.