The Tale of a Dragon and its Lair

By Arvin Thomas

Some say that the dragon is mythical, others say it’s magical but our story tells another tale.

Once upon a late summers eve, an explorer was making his way through the dense jungles of Columbia. He was on a great quest to find the lost city of El Dorado (a city made entirely of gold). He had been travelling for months and for the same amount of time, he had been ridiculed by his family and friends and that’s not counting the endless hostile encounters he soldiered on through; he had to endure the wrath of the crocodile-infested waters of South America to the deadly tribes of Columbia and much much more. To be fair, he was starting to think that the locals were just making it up at this point, but fate would have its way. The explorer had made the wrong turn to the next village and he was lost in the middle of nowhere. The now exhausted explorer decided just to make camp there and went into a deep slumber.

The very next day the now refreshed explorer opened his eyes and what he saw almost made his heart jump a beat.‘El Dorado!” he shouted. The magnificent city stood proud, gleaming in the sun's gaze but 'how?' he thought to himself with doubt in his eyes, 'how?' but as always fate would get its way and so he walked through the city amazed by its beauty but also blinded by his greed. As he made his way to the centre, there stood a giant temple almost ten times the size of any normal temple and covered in ancient Columbian scripture. He walked in, his trusty sword at hand ready to loot the marvellous city when a thundering voice came down on him, "leave this place and never return, enter at your own peril!” but the ignorant explorer blinded by his selfish ways, did not listen and paraded onwards, but once again the

temple warned him, "leave and never return, young explorer!” But once again he did not listen and he made his way through the temple looting and blind. When he finally got to the centre there stood a humongous statue of a dragon. Just like everything else, it was made entirely of solid gold. The explorer made his way to it and started chipping away at the statue’s talons when a crack emerged on the dragon's head and another on its neck then another and another until a living ferocious dragon emerged from the golden statue, its eyes blood red in colour, its teeth as sharp as swords and its scales the same size as Viking shields, the once thought to be mythical dragon by many, let out an ear piercing roar. The once cocky explorer was now paralysed with fear and sweating down to his neck and with a quick crack of noise, the explorer perished.

The dragon went back to its old position as a golden statue and a defender of the temple, for the next explorer blinded by his ways to come in.