Young Hershey and the Adventures of the Spice Bag

North Dublin National School Project, 6th Class, 10th December 2018

In the Hershey’s chocolate factory, the cat named Hershey was born.

Making living chocolate was usually out of order, but this was a special, special marketing campaign.

Meanwhile, while they were training Hershey, Reeses the cat was also born.

Suddenly, a red alarm was beeping.

Mr Finna Oven was coming to melt every cat he thought wasn’t suitable for marketing!

So Hershey went and hid in a truck that was being shipped off to a local shop.

He got bored so he jumped off and fell into the spice bag shop, which is where he met Reeses.

Hershey asked Reeses, “Why are you here?”

Reeses said, “I have a hole in my foot, so I ran away.

I was afraid Mr Finna Oven was going to melt me.”

Then out of the darkness, Mr Finna Oven emerged from the sky…