The Yo Mamma and Alex Walker Adventures

Scoil Bhríde, 4th Class, County Galway

Once upon a time there was a monkey named Yo Mamma. He lived in a jungle in England.

This particular day he went for a wash in the swamp. He wanted to visit his friend, Alex Walker, who was a strong lion.

They planned to meet for a tea party.

While they were at the tea party the ‘Disco Girl’ walked in.

Yo Mamma and Alex Walker ran straight out of the tea shop because they were scared of ‘Disco Girl’.

‘Disco Girl’ was cruel to animals. She wore weird clothes too.

Yo Mamma and Alex Walker escaped by flying to America. ‘Disco Girl’ followed them.

‘Disco Girl’ was a first cousin of Donald Trump, the President of the US. 

Yo Mamma and Alex Walker were afraid of Donald Trump because he wanted to get rid of the animals.

Alex Walker decided to distract ‘Disco Girl’ with an army of disco girls while Yo Mamma was fighting Donald Trump.

When ‘Disco Girl’ was distracted Alex Walker then went to help Yo Mamma fight Donald Trump.

Donald Trump was determined to rescue his cousin ‘Disco Girl’, but would it be that easy?...