World War Three!

Scoil San Treasa, Mount Merrion, 3rd Class, 10 September 2012
The Veggies had broken out of prison. They were a gang of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, and a carton of pea soup.

They had tattoos and they were very dangerous. The leader of the gang was the Brussels sprout.

“Okay, let’s find Bob!” he said to the gang.

The Veggies were looking for Bob, the baby with the moustache. They had been in food-jail for trying to eat Bob.

They Veggies stole some little girls’ pink pedal-bikes and took off. They saw a Norwegian hippo and tried to run it over. But the hippo, whose name was Hippy-Head, jumped on the broccoli and squished it.

The rest of the vegetables took off again, terrified.

Meanwhile, Bob had seen the squishing from the window of the nursing home where he worked looking after old people.

Bob ran out on to the street and said, “Hippy-Head, can you teach me how to do that?”

“Well,’ Hippy-Head said, “you have to eat a lot of sweets and crisps first!”

Bob knew he had to fight the Veggies, so he went to the gym.  At the gym, he met the Pizza General.

“You better start pumping some muscle,” said the Pizza General, “and then you can join the army.”