Woody Versus Evil Claus

Assumption Senior Primary School, Walkinstown, 4th Class, 5th December 2011
One day, Woody the Robot was looking after the plants in Woody’s DIY. 

He was talking to the plants about how he wasn’t so happy with his life here in Japan.

The plants said to him, “Woody, why don’t you travel the world?!”
Woody replied, “Sounds like a good idea. I’ll go and invite Tick.”

As soon as Woody finished work he went to see Tick, who was, as usual, shooting lollipops about the place.

“Tick! Tick! Tick! Do you want to travel the world with me?”

“Sure” replied Tick. 

Woody and Tick went straight to the airport to get their tickets. 

But when they got there they saw Evil Claus and his reindeers guarding the airport with their out-of-date sweet guns…