Into the Woods

St Mary’s NS Blessington, 2nd Class, County Wicklow, 25th April 2017

One day a little girl called Molly went into the woods with her best friend, Nightmare Fred.

Molly was talking to Nightmare Fred. 

“Do you want to go and play?” she said. 

“No, I want to haunt people” he replied. Nightmare Fred was an animatronic.

They started fighting because Molly didn’t agree. 

“It’s not nice to haunt people!” she shouted at Nightmare Fred.

Nightmare Fred ran away with his doll, feeling very let down.

He went back to Freddy Fazzbear’s Pizza Place. 

He ate lots of pizza and everyone said:

 “Look how fast an eater he is!” 

Molly meanwhile went to find a new friend. Then she heard a noise in the tree behind her…