The Wolf's Adventure

Monkstown Educate Together National School, 2nd class
Once upon a time there was a mummy wolf who had a baby wolf. The baby’s name was Scruffy. 

The wolf really really wanted to be human.  He was scared of the hunters. They had killed his mother.

He thought “I wish I was human.  Then the hunters couldn’t get me.”

One day, the wolf met a dog.  The dog was lost. 


At first the dog was afraid of the wolf.  Then they became friends.

“Could you please help me find my owner?” the dog asked the wolf.

“If you can help me become a human I will help you,” replied the wolf.

"Yes, I’ll help you.  I will train you.  We dogs are man’s best friend.  Let’s get started!  First I’ll teach you how to speak like a human.”

They start training in the forest.  A hairy pig comes along and asks, “what are you doing in my mud?”

The wolf said “I’m sorry.  I didn’t know it was your mud.  I thought it was just part of the forest.

The dog asked the pig, “will you help me train this wolf.  He wants to be human.”

The pig snorted and said, “yes.  Of course I’ll help you.  But then you have to leave this mud and never come back to train in my mud again!”