The Wolf, the spud and the spoon

Gorey ETNS​ 5th Class, County Wicklow, 14th November 2018

One spring day in 2019, Umi had to move in with her auntie and uncle because her parents  had neglected her. 

She didn’t like them but she liked her auntie and uncle because of where they lived and their personalities.

But one night, when she was going to bed she dreamed about going into the forest. 

In her dream she saw a lonely wolf cub which bit her.  It left a bloody scar which stayed with her for the rest of her life.

Suddenly she woke up and heard a wolf howl.  She checked to see if she had a scar but there was none.

She went downstairs to get some slippers and went outside.

But then she ran back inside because she had forgotten Timmy, her talking fish. 

She picked up the fishbowl and went back outside. 

But she dropped the fishbowl.

Timmy flopped on the ground, shouting out “HELP”!

“Don’t die, please!”

She picked up Timmy and brought him to a pond but she never saw Timmy again until…