The Wolf, the Horse, and the Cat's Meee-owww

The Mews, 23/04/10
Sophie likes cats. Her best friend is a big huge cat, like a tiger. His name is Mary.

Sophie and Mary wanted to go dancing in the woods. But they were afraid of the wolf, whose name was Wolfman!

They decided to be brave and scared at the same time, and went into the woods. Their teeth were chattering and they were shaking.

They had a special tin of magical cat food with them. They ate it all up and they turned into one big dog.

He was bigger than a wolf. He was black, with white spots and blue eyes.

His teeth were black, and he had superpowers - he could fly.

The superdog’s name was Smarty. He challenged Wolfman: “Let’s have a race. The winner gets a trophy. The trophy is a bone. If I win, Sophie and Mary can dance.”

Wolfman agrees: “But if you lose the race, I will eat you.”

Who will win? The commentators tell them to go to the green racetrack. They have a whistle to start the race.

It is a long race, around lots of bends. They have to jump over the bridge and the river. They run down the hill, getting very tired now. There is a white finishing line at the end.

Smarty uses his superpowers, flapping his magic wings like a bird. But Wolfman is very fast, like Grace in drama. The commentator wants the Wolfman to win.

The crowd is shouting “Olé. Come on Smarty. Olé Olé Olé Olé.” Smarty wins!

So they had a disco to celebrate. With chips and water and beer and coke and apple juice. Smarty turned back into Sophie and Mary by doing a magical twirl.
And they all lived happily ever after.