Witchney the Witch and the Small Potion

St Laurence O'Toole GNS Sheriff Street, Dublin 1 3rd Class , 3rd March 2009
Witchney the Witch lived in a big castle. Her best friend, Witchy-poo, came over to her castle everyday. They wanted to make a potion to make people small.

One day they were having an argument about what to put in the potion.

“We can put frogs’ legs in the potion!” said Witchney.

“No,” said Witchy-poo. “We should put in snail slime!”

“We can put both of them in,” said Witchney. “We can also put in frogs’ eyes.”

They decided to go out and get the ingredients for the potion.

The ingredients were in the Magic Market.

The Magic Market was in the sky. 

They flew to the Magic Market on their broomsticks.

They had some trouble on the way. They crashed into a plane. ...