Wish Wars

Scoil San Carlo, Leixlip​, 4th Class, 8th January 2019

One day, Banana Bob had cake for breakfast. The cake was radioactive and gave him powers.

He looked over and saw his best friend, Slappy the t-rex, jumping outside of the window.

Banana Bob decided to go see what Slappy was doing.

Banana Bob went outside and accidently picked Slappy up with his hands and threw him with his powers.

Slappy got hurt, tried to hit Banana Bob with his tiny hands and roared at him.

Slappy shouted, ‘What did you do that for?’

He started throwing magazines at Banana Bob. There was a mess all around them.

Banana Bob’s pet cow came over and started eating the magazines. For protection, Banana Bob jumped into a trash can.

A beauty tips page from a magazine stuck to the cows face, making him look like a clown. Banana Bob and Slappy were laughing at the cow.

Banana Bob decided to go completely off topic and start talking about his next birthday.

‘For my birthday wish, I wish that my cow would turn into bacon.’ Banana Bob said.

On a magazine, he saw an ad that said: turn your cow into bacon!

Billybob Joe the Llama overheard them, and wanted his wish NOT to come true…