The Wild Adventures of Cornelius the Space Pig

St. Brigid’s GNS, 6th class, 25th January 2021

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away, there lived two friends who wanted to find aliens. Their names were Cornelius the Space Pig and Jeff the Space Chicken. 

One Saturday morning, they were sitting in the sitting room in their space house and they watched an ad on their space TV and they saw two best friends going to space.

Since he had been a little piglet, Cornelius always loved the idea of aliens and space.

Straight away, he went on his phone and checked his Spacebook page and searched for a rental spaceship.

“I think we should go to space,” said Cornelius, excited. 

“Why would we go to space? I’m not recreating this ad with you!” shouted Jeff. 

“Are you out of your mind? We could meet some aliens.”

Jeff’s parents always pushed the idea of going to space on Jeff but he was kind of sick of it. 

“I’ll buy you a blue sparkly space helmet if you come,” said Cornelius.

“I’m in,” replied Jeff. 

Insert Rocky Montage here

The day they were supposed to go, on their way back from school, Jeff gave Cornelius some bad news...