Who wants to be a Nun?

St Vincent’s Primary School, Glasnevin, 11th November 2011, 6th Class
Once upon a time there was a church named St. Cheese.

Father Peter was saying the Mass  and he saw the Nuns there, and he realised how much he wanted to become a nun. 
The nuns were dressed up nicely and they got really nice food and Father Peter was sick of eating porridge.

He went to talk to Fergus to tell him he wanted to be a nun. 

“Fergus, I want to be a nun because I’m sick of eating porridge and being treated like a second class citizen,”
said Father Peter.

“High Five! Me too, because I really want to wear a habit. I’m sick of blinding people with my big bald head. I can’t even say Mass.”

They went to ask Pope Willy McBride and he told them that there was only one place in the nunnery and they had to compete for it.