Where’s Our Future

Mahi Panguluru, age 11, Co. Dublin

People say "you're good at art" you should be an artist someday

My brain starts thinking excessively and I don't know what to say

Right now, there's Coronavirus but how am I to know. What the future holds for me I don't know where to go

Should I just be happy and should I just have a laugh?

Or should I have mental breakdown I just don't know who to ask

This is the least of the worries on people’s minds and thoughts

I am trying not worry but I'm thinking bout it lots

I want to have a dream where I can fly away

And be forever young, that's the way I want to stay

 You're too old for this, too young for that I don't believe that anyway

I just want to escape reality and make my dreams come true today

When they say it's impossible, I will be there to say

"My dream will not come tomorrow I will make it come today"

Whether it’s a dream or not I will not let anyone say

"You can't do that it’s a dream just forget it and throw it away"

Right now, life may be hard but how are health workers managing their days? How are shop keepers, people that lost their jobs, being positive in a way?

How about the homeless people what would they say? It's harder than you think to keep your dreams alive Just find something that stimulates your mind

You’re not being lonely

You will always have yourself

And if you think about it

You will achieve your dreams with patience, determination and help mostly from yourself.