When Shopping Goes Wrong

St. Fiachras Senior National School Beaumont 6th Class 6th April 2011
Once upon a time there was a ninja gangster called Bling Boy. 

He had a mafia hat and an afro and an eyeball growing out of one of his nostrils.
Bling Boy had a best friend called Glitch the zombie gangster. 

Glitch had flowers in his hair.  He was really just a big softie – he was very fashionable and shopped with his mam in Forever 21. 

Glitch used to walk around with his mouth wide open, and his hands out, mumbling “Forever 21.”

One day when Glitch was shopping, a person who seemed nice offered him a hat if he would help serve candyfloss from the candyfloss truck.

Glitch didn’t realise that it was his best friend’s enemy, who was evil.

“Mwuahaha!” laughed Candyfloss Man, in a fake Russian accent. He knew that if he kidnapped Glitch, Bling Boy would come to the rescue.

Meanwhile, Bling Boy was supposed to meet Glitch at KFC for lunch. 

As Bling Boy was waiting, he spotted the candyfloss truck speeding by at full speed with Glitch banging at the window.

“Why the hoo-hah is Glitch in that van?” exclaimed Bling Boy. “I’m not going to get my KFC am I?” …