When fast food collides

Scoil Mobhí, Glasnevin, 6th Class, 19th January 2012
One greasy day, Jim Pickins was serving his best customer, Fat Frank some burgers.

And when I say some, I mean fifty double-fat burgers, with extra fat on the side. 

As he is the best customer he gets a 50% discount therefore he buys 100.  

Jim Pickins started to struggle putting on his hair net over his massive blue afro.

He can’t see through his blue afro which goes down to his toes, so he throws the burgers at his customers. 

The burgers came with a topping of blue hair, which Fat Frank thought were sardines, his favourite healthy food, apart from burgers.

Jim Pickins stall is in Croke Park and he tells Fat Frank that he has decided to sponsor the Irish football team in their match against the French team. 

Meanwhile, over in ze Aviva, ze French are le preparing for le match, oui? Zey are practising ze hand ball and Tierry Henry is vinning!

‘arry ze ot dog owner es packin es stall for moving et to Croke Park. Meanwhile, Jill Pickins is organising a crane to transport the stadium over to Croke Park.

‘arry hated ze Irish, especially Jim Pickins and ze fat man, so he decided to sponser ze frenchies in le match. Bah oui, he was Fwench himself!!

Meanwhile, back where they speak plain English, they are rolling Fat Frank into the goals in preparation for the match.  

They are oblivious to their rivals’ evil plan. Suddenly, as Fat Frank is wedged in the goal, the Hogan stand is squashed as l’Aviva drops down from the sky. Jill Pickins leads the charge with French baguettes…..