When Blenders Attack

Dublin 7 Educate Together, 6th Class, 01/03/10
Phil walked around a factory and saw his dad working at the big chocolate blender. He ran over to his dad and slipped on a melted chocolate button.

He fell into the blender, the sound of the machines amplified his fear.

In his room, Phil woke up in a cold, chocolately sweat that trickled down his forehead. He often had that nightmare. In fact, it was more of a memory than a nightmare.

As expected, Reverand came and nibbled Phil’s chocolatey toes to relax him. Phil already felt better and he was glad to have Reverand the Rat around.

He climbed out of bed and stumbled into his blenderless kitchen. He sat down and doodled designs for his own chocolate factory, “Not Cadburys.”

Ever since the accident he had always wanted to make his own business to close Cadburys down due to bankruptcy.