Whats the Oinking Story?

St. Brendans Boys National School Artane 5th Class 31 March 2011
Once upon a time, Mr Oink the three-headed pig was walking along the beach in Jamaica.

He was wearing a hat on each head to keep the sun out of his eyes.  Mr Oink’s dream was to become a hippocrocodonkeypig.  This mythical creature had the head of a crocodile, the legs of a donkey, the body of a hippo and a magic pig’s tail, shaped like a curly wand.

Mr Oink whipped out his iWand and called Sally the centaur’s sister. Sally’s phone was broken because she had squashed it with her big hoof. 

Sally the centaur was the only one who knew about the hippocrocodonkeypig legend - and how to become one.

 “Hey, can I talk to Sally?  I have to ask her something important,” asked Mr Oink.

“Tell me what it’s about first,” answered Sally’s sister.

“It’s about Bob, one of my  other heads,” he told her, trying to get her to stop asking so many questions.

“Okay. I’ll get Sally,” she replied.

Sally came on the iWand and said, “What’s the oinking story?”

“Meet me at the bottom of the oink well at 7.01pm,” said Mr Oink.

“That’s past my bedtime but, for you, I’ll sneak out,” Sally replied.

Sally knew that Christiano Ronaldo’s wife – who was actually a 15-headed tarantula -  had the special diamond potion that would turn him into a hippocrocodonkeypig.  She also knew where the swat was to kill Ronaldo’s wife.

Sally and Mr Oink met at the oink well at 7.01pm.
Sally had a plan.  She said, “Okay, I’ll help you find the swat to kill Ronaldo’s wife because remember, she is a 15-headed tarantula.  She’s the one who guards the potion.

  It’s kept in her diamond wedding ring on her fifth leg.”

“But, Sally, I have arachnophobia.  I need you to help me find her hideout and the swat,” said Mr Oink.