What a Day!

Belmayne Educate Together, National School, 3rd/4th Class, 27 October 2011
Zooby the Goblin was at home.  He lived in an abandoned, haunted castle in Pennsylvania.

He was looking into his crystal ball and thinking about his greatest wish, to bathe in hot chocolate.

He saw in the crystal ball Renfield the Evil Leprechaun and his giant bathtub full of hot chocolate and marshmallows.

He was dancing around the bathtub, which was surrounded by super sharp led pencils.

Just then, Zooby’s best friend, Dave the Orange Potato, arrived from the Crunchy Way.

He had stopped off in Jupiter on his way, and had picked up some Crunchie Dust.

Crunchie Dust has chocolate, but not enough to bathe in.

“I brought you this crunchy dust to trade with Renfield for his hot chocolate bathtub,” said Dave. “It’s his favourite chocolate.”

“Well that’s great, but I’m really scared of Renfield,” said Zooby.

“Let’s make a plan and set a trap for Renfield,” said Dave.

The two friends went into Zooby’s secret lab to make their plan and have a snack…